Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023

Experience the perfect blend of power and control with the Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 padel racket. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




340 - 360 gr








100% Carbon

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Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023

When looking into the expansive world of padel rackets, one cannot overlook the Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023. Specially designed to cater to a wide array of players, this racket delivers an excellent combination of control and playability that stands out among its competitors.


The Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023, with its round shape, brings an excellent balance between control and power to the table, blending comfort and performance.

Shape and Balance

Crafted with a round shape, the racket provides a balanced distribution of weight, aiding in greater accuracy and precision during matches. High stability during swings is assured, thus enunciating better shot precision throughout the game.


The grip size is one key element that singles out this remarkable racket. Its standard size comfortably fits into your hand, providing exceptional control during prolonged, intense matches. This improves the overall usability, making high-level play an attainable reality.

Power and Control

When it comes to balancing power and control, the Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 excels admirably. The power-control balance helps players transition smoothly between aggressive, attacking plays, and defensive strategies, giving them an upper hand in diverse game situations.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, the racket performs decidedly well. The well-architectured design, along with an ergonomic grip, ensures a comfortable, yet firm hold. Furthermore, the racket's balanced weight distribution contributes greatly to its quick response capability, offering a potent mix of speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

The Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 truly shines with its durable material composition. With a 100% carbon frame, fiberglass faces, and an EVA core, it provides superior resistance to wear and tear, promising years of hardcore gameplay without compromising the racket's condition. However, the color options for this racket are relatively limited, which might not suit every player's aesthetic tastes.


To put it briefly, the Babolat Counter Vertuo 2023 is a strong contender for those players seeking to level up their game. Its perfect blend of comfort, balance, power, and control, enveloped in durable materials, makes it an impeccable companion for any hard-fought match.

Nevertheless, one must always consider the unique requirements of their style of play. While some might find the advanced design of the racket a bit challenging to wield, others seeking improvement and advancement in their skills might find it to be the perfect upgrade needed.

In your journey to explore the thrilling realm of padel, remember the right racket can significantly transform your performance on the court. Weigh your options wisely and make the best decision. Here's to your success in the world of padel!

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