Black Crown Piton Furia 2023

Review on the 2023 model of the Black Crown Piton Furia racket. Know about its specs like frame material, shape, feel, & more.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 365 gr








Carbon fiber


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Black Crown Piton Furia 2023

Stepping into the spotlight this season is the Black Crown Piton Furia 2023, a spectacle of a padel racket that, quite frankly, is hard to ignore. Designed with the player's tactical advantage in mind, this racket boasts a masterful blend of prowess, manoeuvrability, and overall performance, making it a reliable partner on the court.


Shape and Balance

Thanks to its round shape, the Black Crown Piton Furia 2023 affords players an excellent balance of power and control. The fair distribution of weight furthers this balance, creating a comforting sense of stability during play and aiding in accurate shot delivery.

The Core

What sets the Piton Furia 2023 apart is its heart, the SC EVA core. This provides a soft feel while simultaneously aiding precision shot-making and enhancing power - a combination destined to reward the player’s technique and skill.


The Piton Furia 2023 showcases a standard grip size, which in my experience, feels incredibly comfortable in hand. This provides desirable control for players, particularly in the midst of heated matches, while upholding a high level of manoeuvrability over extended hours on the court.

The Frame and Faces

An equally compelling aspect of this model is the use of carbon fibre for the frame. Such construction grants the racket an impressively long life, able to withstand the test of time and heavy gameplay. Additionally, the fibreglass faces lend to the racket's durability and strength, creating a trustworthy partnership between player and racket.

Power and Control

The Black Crown Piton Furia 2023 excels when it comes to power and control. Its perfect equilibrium between the two offers players a formidable advantage on the court. The gentle balance ensures players can respond with defensively robust and offensively forceful shots, thus amplifying their gameplay.

Comfort and Speed

The Piton Furia 2023 impresses in terms of comfort as well. Its elegantly balanced design, joined in arms with its ergonomic grip, makes it a delight to play with for extended durations on the padel court. Furthermore, its overall weight balance significantly contributes to your speed and precision on the court.

Material and Durability

There's a distinct strength in the make of the Black Crown Piton Furia 2023. Considering its construction of durable materials like carbon fibre and lightweight fibreglass, this racket guarantees an incredible level of resistance to wear and tear. Thus, ensuring the longevity of the racket through many games of intense play.


All things considered, the Black Crown Piton Furia 2023 makes for an excellent choice for padel enthusiasts wanting to up their game. Its blend of power, control and comfort combined with an ergonomic grip and durable materials, make it an ally to rely upon during the most challenging matches.

However, as always, it's vital to consider whether the unique characteristics align with your specific play style. This racket, while sophisticated in its design and excellent in its performance, may require a certain level of skill to leverage its full potential. But for those ready to make a worthwhile investment in their padel journey, this Black Crown Piton Furia 2023 is a reliable choice that surely won't disappoint.

At the end of the day, remember that the right racket can transform your performance on the court, so consider these aspects carefully. Wishing you luck on your exciting journey through the world of padel!

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