Babolat Stima Energy 2023

Experience an unrivaled gaming performance with 2023 Babolat Stima Energy Padel Racket. Carbon frame, EVA core for excellent control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




325 - 345 gr






Carbon Flex


100% Carbon

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Babolat Stima Energy 2023

In the world of padel, finding the right racket is crucial to not only enhance your performance but, most importantly, to enjoy the game. As an experienced padel player, I've had the chance to try numerous rackets. But let me tell you, the Babolat Stima Energy 2023 stands out for its innovative design, material quality, and playability.


The Babolat Stima Energy 2023 boasts a series of exceptional qualities that make it a top-tier choice for avid padel players.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of this racket ensures a balanced playability experience. With its even distribution of weight, the Babolat Stima Energy ensures stability during swings, enabling precision in your shots.


The "feel" of a racket plays a significant role in a player's game. I found the Babolat Stima Energy 2023 to have a medium feel, providing a good balance between power and control, making it very versatile and suited for various playing styles.


The grip provided by the Babolat Stima Energy 2023 is another aspect that certainly left an impression on me. The adequate grip size contributes to a comfortable handling experience, ensuring players maintain control during extended games.

Material and Durability

The Babolat Stima Energy 2023 doesn't compromise on quality. The frame of the racket is made of 100% Carbono which ensures its durability. The faces of the racket are manufactured from Carbon Flex, leading to excellent resilience. The core of the racket, made from EVA, adds to the racket's comfort and overall playability.


In conclusion, the Babolat Stima Energy 2023 has been engineered keeping in mind performance, longevity, and comfort. This makes it a great option for anyone looking to up their game. Whether you are stepping up to the intermediate level or you are an advanced player, this racket is sure to impress you with its balance and feel.

Remember, investing in the right racket can drastically enhance your game. Therefore, choose wisely and enjoy the thrilling game of padel!

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