Dunlop Galactica Team 2023

Complete review of Dunlop Galactica Team 2023 padel racket. Detail on weight, materials, feel, shape for padel enthusiasts.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




365 gr




EVA Ultrasoft


12K Carbon


Carbon fiber


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Updated on 22 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Dunlop Galactica Team 2023

The Dunlop Galactica Team 2023 racket is a gem that combines excellent maneuverability with exceptional control. Perfect for those intermediate players looking for a step up, this racket promises a playing experience like no other. Let's dive right into the specifics of this beauty.


The Dunlop Galactica Team 2023 delivers great performance on every front. Its structure and design holds the key to its high functionality.

Shape and Balance

The tear shape of this Dunlop racket speaks for its versatility. Its even balance aids in its fantastic maneuverability and control, making sure your shots never miss. With this racket in hand, you'll feel a sense of stability during each and every swing.


A significant plus is the comfortable grip size of the Galactica Team 2023. Its snug fit aids both comfort and control during those grueling, long matches. This comfort also extends to maintaining a smooth flow of play over extended sessions on the court.

Power and Control

Power and control in this racket go hand in hand. Its fine balance between the two gives this racket its unique character. The power that this racket generates, along with its exceptional control, can add a new dimension to your playing style.

Comfort and Speed

The Dunlop Galactica Team 2023 scores high in comfort and speed. Its well-rounded design and ergonomic grip guarantee enjoyable play even for extended periods. Its swift response and shot accuracy make this racket stand out.

Materials and Durability

When it comes to durability, the carbon fiber frame and the 12K carbon faces make the Galactica Team 2023 a true contender. These materials ensure great resistance to wear and tear, promising longevity even in the most intense matches. The best part? The Ultra Soft EVA core adds the perfect touch of softness, providing an optimally balanced feel.


Taking into account the specifics and performance of the Dunlop Galactica Team 2023, it is indeed a worthy option for intermediate players aiming to up their game. Offering an impressive blend of comfort, excellent control, and speed, this racket provides valuable support on the court.

However, like all gear, it is crucial to evaluate whether its features align with your particular needs. With its sophisticated design and excellent performance, the Dunlop Galactica Team 2023 can be a challenging bet for beginners. But for those committed to growth and skill development in padel, this racket can be a match that truly makes a difference. Remember, the right gear can make all the difference in your game so weigh these factors before you make your pick. Enjoy your journey in the fascinating world of padel with the right racket by your side!

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