Oxdog Sense Tour 2023

Explore the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 Padel Racket: an ultra-modern racket built with fine materials for enhanced performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.7




365 gr




EVA Medium


HES Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Oxdog Sense Tour 2023

The all-new Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 by Oxdog takes the padel game to new heights. Marrying advanced design aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology, this racket offers incredible power and control on the court, making it a worthy upgrade for any avid padel player.


Shape and Balance

The round silhouette of the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 clearly plays a vital role in the overall feel of the racket. This classic shape brings superior control to your game, balancing it effectively with a respectable measure of power.


Unlike some other rackets you might find in action on the padel court, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 boasts an evenly spread weight distribution. This characteristic allows the players to attain an established sense of stability while taking swings and aiming for precision shots.


The moment I held the racket, the comfort it provided was instantaneously noticeable. The fantastic fit of the standard grip size, along with the ease it offers during play, meant that longer matches were just as enjoyable without any discomfort or loss of control whatsoever.

Power and Control

Hey power, meet control. The Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 doesn't just perform; it races ahead in the game of padel with an admirable pace, offering power-packed shots without sacrificing any element of control.


In the domain of control, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 is a standout. Thanks to its cleverly designed shape and evenly spread balance, the level of control this racket provides can undoubtedly give you an upper hand in the game.


Meanwhile, 'compromise' seems to be a term that this racket is unfamiliar with, offering a sound degree of power owing to its strategic design. So, whether you're at the net or at the baseline, with the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023, you're always ready to make your move.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a Carbon Fiber frame that is complemented by a HES Carbon face and EVA Medium core, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 certainly impresses when it comes to durability. It ensures that the racket remains a reliable and long-lasting companion on the court.


To conclude, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 is a powerful tool in the hands of any padel player seeking to up the ante. With its commendable control and powerful shots, coupled with a grip that assures comfort, this racket proves to be a worthwhile investment.

However, as with any piece of sports equipment, it may not satisfy the preferences of everyone. Consequently, it's essential that potential buyers thoroughly analyze the specifics of this racket against their own requirements before making a purchase. Nonetheless, for those who are keen on upgrading their equipment for an enhanced padel experience, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2023 could just be the racket you've been looking for. After all, nothing beats the right racket for boosting your performance on the padel court. Your game is about to get a whole lot better!

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