Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023

Discover the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 review, a padel racket crafted with the finest materials promising full control and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




355 - 370 gr




Super Soft EVA


12K Carbon


80% Double Carbon Tubular

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Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023

Gear up to elevate your padel gaming experience with the remarkable Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023. This racket is an amalgamation of superior design, high-end materials, and best-in-class construction that ensures excellent playability and durability. Here's our detailed appraisal of this remarkable piece of sporting equipment:


Shape and Balance

Designed with a round shape, the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 commands an impressive balance and control, making it a reliable choice for precision shot-making. The evenly distributed weight across the racket stems from its well-thought-out design, translating to stability during swings and overall enhanced gameplay.


What distinguishes the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 is the comfort it provides. Despite long matches or practicing sessions, the standard size grip ensures a snug fit, resulting in superior comfort, control, and ease of handling.

Power and Control

The power and control exerted by the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 are noteworthy. The racket's excellent power-control equilibrium is an asset on the court, allowing players to elevate their game, enabling a significant edge in both offensive and defensive plays.

Rebound and Maneuverability

In terms of rebound, the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 showcases an impressive performance. This attribute, combined with adequate maneuverability, ensures quick responses to powerful shots without overreaching or overexerting, contributing significantly to your performance on the court.

Sweet Spot

With an excellent sweet spot rating, you can expect minimal miss-hits and consistent ball striking. It means, regardless of where the ball hits the racket, the result will almost always be a well-controlled, precise shot.

Material and Durability

The Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 is structured with a double tubular carbon frame providing enhanced durability. Its faces are 12K Carbon manufactured, while the medium feel Super Soft EVA core contributes towards a balanced gameplay regarding both power and control, prolonging the racket's lifespan even in extensive play sessions.


The Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 is indeed a worthwhile investment for players striving to step up their game. It excels in performance, durability, and comfort. However, like all sports equipment, it's essential to ensure that its features align with your specific requirements and playing style, before making a purchase. The lengthy matches or extensive practice sessions might wear you down somewhat, considering the racket's top-tier construction and design might need some time to adjust. But once you've acclimatized, this racket is your steadfast ally on the court.

Bear in mind, the right racket can undisputedly influence your performance, and the Black Crown Hurricane Pro 2.0 2023 may just be the tool you need to excel your padel journey. Best of luck on your journey in the exciting world of padel!

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