Siux Fenix II 3K

Uncover the power and control of the Siux Fenix II 3K: a medium-feel, tear-shaped padel racket made from 100% carbon. Explore now!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon


100% Carbon

Siux Fenix II 3K

Stepping on the padel court, the Siux Fenix II 3K never ceases to leave a lasting impression. This racket, mainly designed for advanced players, offers a brilliant synthesis of force, control, and overall playability, assuring an absolute delight in the gaming experience.


Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape of the Siux Fenix II 3K plays a pivotal role in its exceptional stability and power balance. The commendable weight distribution across the racket makes handling a breeze, leading to enhanced shot precision.


It's safe to say that one of the biggest advantages of this racket is its outstanding stability. This is a factor that can significantly improve your performance on the court, as it allows for consistent shots and reliable control.


In the course of our test runs, the comfort of the racket's grip was what notably caught our attention. The standard size fits perfectly, providing both convenience and control during extended matches. This attribute greatly contributes to a high level of playability over long periods of play.

Power and Control

Where this racket truly outperforms is in the aspects of power and control. The Siux Fenix II 3K's perfect power-control synergy makes it an enviable weapon on the court, enabling proficient players to up their game by offering a significant advantage in both offensive and defensive plays.

Comfort and Reaction

Concerning comfort, the Siux Fenix II 3K performs remarkably. Its comprehensive design, along with its ergonomic grip, makes it satisfying to use for extensive periods of play. Additionally, the racket's balance aids its swift response, providing a plentiful mix of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

One of the prime attributes of the Siux Fenix II 3K is its durable construction. The 100% Carbon frame and Carbon 3K faces ensure high resistance to wear and tear, promising the racket's longevity even in intense play.

Core Material

The EVA core of the racket provides an ample sweet spot, with the durability and rebound levels being quite high. This attribute allows for a consistent play, regardless of the positioning of the ball upon impact.


To conclude, the Siux Fenix II 3K is an excellent pick for skillful padel players aiming to boost their game. With powerful yet controlled playability, a comfortable grip, and substantial durability, it serves as a trustworthy ally on the padel court.

However, it's always essential to assess whether its characteristics suit your unique requirements. Its sophisticated design might seem challenging for beginners, but advanced players seeking to improve their play will find this racket perfect.

Remember that the right racket can dramatically impact your court performance, so spend some time ruminating over these factors before making a decision. Best of luck on your thrilling journey in the captivating world of padel!

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