Siux Diablo Revolution II

Experience the elite game with Siux Diablo Revolution II, tailored for advanced players seeking precision and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Siux Diablo Revolution II

In the dynamic and rapidly advancing sport of padel, it's always exciting to come across a racket that strikes a fine balance between power and control. Today, I turn the spotlight to the Siux Diablo Revolution II, a racket that promises to deliver breathtaking performance to advanced players searching for a racket that can go the distance.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The Siux Diablo Revolution II is engineered with a tear shape, which is known for lending a hand towards a potent attack without sacrificing control. The balance is medium, giving it a stable feel and optimal weight distribution that inspires confidence during play.

Materials and Feel

Constructed with a 100% Carbon frame and Carbon 3K faces, this racket boasts durability and a premium touch. Combining these with its EVA core gives the Diablo Revolution II a medium-hard feel, which translates into precise shots and consistent performance on the court.


Attention to the grip is paramount since it's the player's direct connection to the racket. The Siux Diablo Revolution II offers a feeling of finesse and comfort that allows for lengthy plays without discomfort.

Playing Experience

From the Back of the Court

When starting at the back of the court, the medium-hard touch of the Diablo Revolution II provides an immediate sense of the bite it can deliver on the ball. It strategically demands a little more from the player in a defensive stance but rewards you with exceptional maneuverability.

At the Net

The balance and structure of the racket enhance quick plays at the net. Playing shots like trays and vipers, the medium balance shines, lending assistance to a swift and strategic game. Plus, the sweet spot earns its keep, offering forgiveness and power in volleys and smashes that demand accuracy and pace.

When Smashing

A standout feature is its smash capabilities, where the Diablo Revolution II flaunts its strength. The ideal lever mechanics make it less necessary to possess an impeccable technique for high-impact smashes, ensuring the ease of launching the ball over the three-meter glass wall.


As someone always in pursuit of exceptional gear, the Siux Diablo Revolution II comes across as a versatile and dependable partner in bridging defense with offense. Its ample sweet spot and strong net play are commendable. If there's room for improvement, some might find the medium balance demands a bit of adaptation for those accustomed to a lighter touch. Yet, as with any high-quality racket, mastering its potential is both a challenge and an exhilarating experience.

The Siux Diablo Revolution II embodies the true spirit of padel—a sport that thrives on both skill and the tools that enhance it. For the avid player, armed with this racket, the court is not merely a playing field but a canvas for displaying prowess and style. This racket isn't just a tool; it's a testament to innovation and sophistication in the modern game of padel.

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