Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid

Review of the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid padel racket. Features 100% Carbono frame, Carbono 24K Silver faces, and a medium feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




355 - 375 gr




Medium EVA


24K Silver Carbon


100% Carbon

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Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid

In the thrilling world of padel, a game-changer can be as simple as the right racket selection. Among the standout options available, the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid has clearly set the bar high. Refined for power and precision, this remarkable piece promises an enhanced gaming experience that is hard to resist.


Radiating class with every characteristic, the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid offers an intriguing blend of design and performance elements to up the ante in your padel matches.

Shape and Balance

The unique tear shape of the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid ensures even weight distribution, which promptly adds a sense of stability while making those thrilling swings. This excellent weight dispersion fosters pinpoint precision making your shots undeniably accurate.


The Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid does not step down when it comes to providing a comfortable and controlled grip. Designed to fit snugly in your hand, this racket ensures long-lasting comfort, allowing you to maintain your finesse even during the most prolonged matches.

Power and Control

Placing a special emphasis on power and control, the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid proves its mettle on the court. With a superior balance of attack and defense, this racket is purpose-built to help you elevate your gaming style, making you a formidable opponent.


What sets the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid apart from its competitors is its swift and smooth response on the court. The perfect blend of speed and precision of this racket is a testament to its well-rounded design and high-quality materials.

Material and Durability

Made to last, the 100% carbon frame coupled with 24K Silver carbon faces and a sturdy medium EVA core, the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid is undoubtedly a powerhouse. This combination of materials guarantees high resistance to wear and tear, making it durable even with high-intensity gameplay.


Summarizing this comprehensive review, the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid definitely shines as an ideal choice for players aiming to improve and refine their game. It strikes an impressive balance between power and precision, alongside an incredibly comfortable grip, and commendable durability.

As with every padel racket, it's worth noting that players should consider their unique gaming needs and preferences. Even though the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid guarantees elevated playability, some novice players might find its design a tad bit complicated.

With its promising features, it's clear to see that the Siux Trilogy 3 Hybrid is more than just a padel racket; it's a reliable ally on the court. Remember, the right racket selection can seriously improve your performance on the court, so invest wisely. We wish you the best in your thrilling journey with padel!

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