Black Crown Piton 2022

Discover the 2022 Black Crown Piton racket. Engineered with high durability fiberglass, carbon fiber and EVA core for medium-hard feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




365 - 375 gr




High density EVA of medium-hardness


2 sheets of highly durable reinforced fiberglass + 1 layer of crosslinked and reinforced carbon fiber


80% Carbon Fiber Tubular

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Black Crown Piton 2022

There's no denying the charm and class that comes with the Black Crown Piton 2022, this fine creation from the Black Crown brand has continued to take the padel world by storm. It offers a beautiful blend of sweet power and precise control, making gameplay an absolute pleasure.


Shape and Balance

As a round-shaped racket, the Black Crown Piton 2022 offers superior control on the field. The round shape ensures a perfect balance across the racket, providing a sense of stability that reflects in every swing. This balance gives any player that added layer of confidence even when attempting tricky shots.


During my test sessions, the grip of the Black Crown Piton 2022 felt remarkably comfortable. Not only does it sit beautifully in hand, but it also offers a steady hold and control over the racket, even during long-lasting matches.

Power and Control

Where the Black Crown Piton 2022 shines the most is in the area of power and control. The combination of a medium-hard EVA core and a well-balanced design, offers an impressive power and control equilibrium. This professional-grade racket can bolster an intermediate player's game, providing an edge for both defensive and aggressive tactics.

Speed and Comfort

The Black Crown Piton 2022 racks up points in the comfort department too. Its balanced design combined with a comfortable grip ensures that the racket feels good in hand even during prolonged games. Speed is another asset of this racket, enabling swift responses that make for precise and sharp gameplay.

Durability and Materials

The Black Crown Piton 2022's frame is fortified with 80% Carbon Fiber Tubular, ensuring both robustness and longevity. Alongside this, the faces are made of durable reinforced Fiberglass with an additional layer of interwoven and reinforced Carbon Fiber, adding an extra layer of durability to this racket. Constant intense play doesn't leave any noticeable wear and tear, demonstrating how well it can stand up to the challenge.


In my opinion, the Black Crown Piton 2022 comes out as an excellent racket option for padel players striving to improve their game. It surpasses expectations in terms of control and power, with the bonus of a comfortable grip and dependable durability.

Like every other racket, it's vital to ensure that its features match your gameplay style and needs. The complexity of its design might be a bit challenging for beginners. However, for anyone focused on padel growth and skill improvement, the Black Crown Piton 2022 is a worthwhile investment.

Choosing the right racket plays a pivotal role in your padel court performance. Therefore, ponder over the factors and features of the Black Crown Piton 2022 that have been discussed above before coming to a decision. Here's to success in your padel journey!

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