Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022

Delve into Puma's Solar Attack PWR 2022 padel racket. Crafted with carbon fiber frame & faces and EVA Hard core for medium-hard feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 375 gr




EVA Hard


Carbon Fiber + Graphite


Carbon Fiber

Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022

If you’re seeking a racket to supercharge your time on the padel court, look no further than the Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022. This dynamic and robust racket from the well-established brand, Puma, offers an excellent blend of potency and precision that will undoubtedly cater to both intermediate and advanced players.


Shape and Balance

As a racket with a tear-drop shape, the Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022 is strategically designed for power. The form ensures an even distribution and balance within the racket, providing a stable sense of control on every swing.


The first-hand experience shows that this racket offers a finely calibrated grip for superior comfort and control. This feature fosters an enjoyable play experience even during rigorous and long-drawn matches.

Power and Control

Without a doubt, power and control are key attributes that set the Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022 apart. Boasting a remarkable balance between these features, this racket gives any player a highly competitive edge for both offensive and defensive plays.


The Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022 exhibits a medium-hard feel, offering a delightful blend of solidity and flexibility. This provides a satisfying comfort on impact, without sacrificing the much-needed robustness, especially during high-power swings.

Speed and Maneuverability

The racket's balance, combined with its proportionate grip, contributes to its quick, responsive action. This remarkable speed coupled with precision manifests itself in your game-play and increases your competitive edge.

Material and Durability

This particular model is constructed with a carbon fiber frame and faces consisting of carbon fiber and graphite. This blend of materials provides optimum durability and resilience. Its core, made up of EVA Hard, ensures longevity while sustaining intense play.


In summary, the Puma Solar Attack PWR 2022 pads up as a reliable game-partner for those seeking to enhance their play skills. With its high-powered yet controlled nature, comfortable grip, and robust built, this model is a complete package.

However, like every other piece of gear, the true test is personal compatibility. While I found this racket to be an excellent choice, make sure it aligns with your specific needs and playing style. This racket can surely be a game-changer and boost your performance- if it's the right fit for you. Your perfect racket can be the catalyst to an enjoyable and successful padel journey. Choose wisely, play fiercely, and enjoy the game!

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