Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022

Explore the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 padel racket: made with carbon fibre frame and EVA Soft core for additional comfort.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




350 - 375 gr




EVA Soft


12K Carbon Fiber + Graphite


Carbon Fiber

Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022

Revolutionizing the world of recreational sports, the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 offers exceptional performance coupled with utmost comfort. Specially engineered for those seeking an ideal blend of control and power, this racket elevates the padel playing experience.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 effectively heightens its innate ability to deliver more control over your shots. The balance inherent in this shaped racket provides greater stability in mid-air swings, unlocking precision at every stroke.

Overall Feel

Integrating a medium-soft feel, this Puma racket allows for an inviting playing experience. The comfortable feel offers a seamless playability ensuring a game that isn't just competitive but enjoyable as well.


The grip of the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 is quite noteworthy. Emphasizing optimal comfort alongside control, the grip size is on par with standard sizes, making for a snug fit that accentuates playability during long-standing matches.


The racket manifests commendable maneuverability that stands out during the most critical moments of the game. Its design enables quick responses, a factor that could be a game-changer, especially in high-paced matches.

Power and Control

Dominating both power and control, the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 is a formidable presence on the padel court. It can truly boost any players' performance, lending a significant advantage in both offensive and defensive plays.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, this Puma racket is highly appealing. Thanks to its round design and ergonomic grip, extended periods of play become less taxing and more enjoyable. The balanced weight distribution contributes to rapid responses, delivering a potent mix of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Constructed using carbon fiber for the frame and faces, with an EVA soft core, the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 guarantees top-tier durability. The strong construction offers higher resistance against wear and tear, reinforcing the longevity of the racket through intense plays.


To cap our review, the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 lays a compelling claim for those yearning to enhance their padel performance. This racket effortlessly combines power, control, comfort, and durability making it a robust choice for the court.

While it's important to note these key features, it's crucial to align your personal specifications against them. Is this the right fit for you? If you're seeking a balance between power, control, and comfort, with an emphasis on durability - then the Puma Solar Attack CTR 2022 might just be your game-changing companion on the court.

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