Wilson Pro Staff Team

Review of the Wilson Pro Staff Team racket, featuring Fibra de Vidrio materials, EVA core, medium-soft feel and a round shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




370 gr




EVA Core





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Wilson Pro Staff Team

On a mission to find a high-performing, reliable padel racket? Look no further than the Wilson Pro Staff Team. Proving its worth as a distinguished piece of equipment, this racket makes a great partner on the court. Specifically tailored to enhance your gameplay, let's delve into what makes this racket unique.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Wilson Pro Staff Team greatly aids in delivering outstanding control when hitting the ball. This, paired with a balanced weight distribution, fills every swing with a sense of stability, enhancing shot precision, and giving you an edge during intense matches.


One standout feature during our testing was its comfortable grip size. The standard size fits comfortably in your hand, providing exceptional control and an elevated level of comfort throughout your match. This undoubtedly contributes to maintaining consistently high-level playability, even during long games.

Power and Control

Where the Wilson Pro Staff Team shines the most perhaps is in its power and control. Its power-control combo is exceptional and surely a game-changer on the court, helping intermediate and advanced players elevate their gameplay, both offensively and defensively.


The Wilson Pro Staff Team, even though focusing on control, does not compromise where power is concerned. While its power may not be colossal, it is certainly enough to comfortably execute powerful shots during a demanding match.


With control at the heart of its design, the Wilson Pro Staff Team racket demonstrates pronounced superiority in this aspect. This makes for a delightful gameplay, offering players a tremendous level of control over their shots.

Comfort and Speed

Speaking of comfort, the round shape of the Wilson Pro Staff Team adds largely to its remarkable comfort levels. The design aspect, coupled with the comfortable grip, ensures you can play long matches without any discomfort. Also, the racket's balance enhances its swift response, providing players with a well-rounded combination of speed, control, and precision.

Material and Durability

Crafted with a fiberglass frame and faces, and EVA core, the Wilson Pro Staff Team exhibits high durability and longevity. These materials not only provide a good bounce effect but also showcase a high resistance to wear and tear, promising a long-lasting life for the racket even with intense and regular play.


In conclusion, the Wilson Pro Staff Team has much to offer to enhance your padel game. It provides an impressive power-control combination, fantastic shot precision, and enduring comfort even through long matches, making it a desirable companion on the court.

However, as always, be sure to assess if its features align well with your specific needs and gameplay style. While this racket is an excellent choice for most players, those seeking a power-heavy racket might think otherwise. But if you prioritize control and comfort in your gameplay, look no further than the Wilson Pro Staff Team. As always, choose wisely, considering these factors to find that one racket to improve your on-court performance. Enjoy the exciting game of padel!

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