Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022

Review of the Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022, a medium-feel, round-shape racket with fibra de vidrio build.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




350 - 385 gr




EVA Mix - Polyethylene


Aluminized Fiberglass


Fiberglass + Carbon

Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022

The Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022 is a premium padel racket that positions itself as a top contender in the crowd of excellent choices available to padel players. Outfitted with a unique blend of materials and featuring an impressive longevity quotient, the RP790 Whip APT offers undeniable appeal to those seeking performance without compromise.


Shape and Balance

Built with a round shape, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022 offers unerring balance for every stroke. The well-distributed weight ensures stability during intensive rallies, enriching the overall playing experience by offering enhanced shot precision.


What I found noteworthy about the RP790 Whip APT is the grip, skillfully designed for comfort. The standard grip size fit like a glove, providing both comfort and control even in extended matches. This contributes to outstanding playability that lasts throughout prolonged periods of competition.

Power and Control

A significant highlight is the powerful control this racket exhibits. The equilibrium between power and control it offers is exceptional. Whether you're on the offense or working your defensive moves, this racket promises an edge during both attacking and defending plays.

Comfort and Speed

Another aspect that the RP790 Whip APT excels at is comfort — it's a pleasure to use this racket, even during long hours of play. The impeccably balanced build of the racket brings about swift response times. The impressive combo of quickness and precision makes every hit a delight.

Material and Durability

One cannot help but admire the longevity the RP790 Whip APT promises. The frame, made from a mix of Fiberglass and Carbon, and the faces, made from Aluminized Fiberglass, lends the racket a high resistance to wear and tear. The core is an EVA Mix - Polyethylene, adding to the racket's resilience and durability. The only caveat is that some might find the color options lacking in variety.


In conclusion, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip APT Hybrid 2022 certainly makes its mark in the field of premium padel rackets. It brings together a harmony of power, control, and enduring playability. Its comfortable grip and exceptional durability add to its many merits.

On the flip side, one must bear in mind that its characteristics may not be a perfect fit for everyone. However, if you're looking to invest in your padel success, the RP790 Whip APT could be a worthy ally on your journey. After all, a proper racket choice can be a game-changer when it comes to on-court performance. Choose wisely and thrive in the exhilarating world of padel!

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