Head Zephyr Pro 2022

Explore the depths of power and control with our Head Zephyr Pro 2022 review. Designed for padel supremacy using advanced materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr




Comfort FOAM


Carbon Fiber + Graphene 360+


Carbon Fiber


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Head Zephyr Pro 2022

Diving into the competitive world of padel, a standout performer is the Head Zephyr Pro 2022. Rising from the reputable brand, Head, the Zephyr Pro 2022 version is designed to cater to padel players who chase precision and comfort in their gaming experience. This stylish and dynamic racket has already etched its charisma onto many padel courts.


Shape and Balance

Inheriting a round shape, the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 assures a high level of maneuverability, allowing players to control the ball with ease. The strategic weight distribution promotes a consistent performance on the court while enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Hold and Comfort

The grip impressed us immediately for its fitting design. No matter how aggressive the match gets, the grip assures constant support, allowing for full control. The comfortable hold not only boosts the control but also extends the playing duration.

Power and Control

The power aspect of the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 may not be its strongest suit, but it has a keen emphasis on control. With a medium feel, the racket strikes a perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, providing optimal recoil and shot precision.

Comfort and Speed


The exceptional maneuverability enables quick responses while maintaining a comfortable playing experience. The round shape, balanced weight, and favorable grip size culminate into a high degree of control, ensuring a fast-paced yet pleasant game.

Material and Durability

A key strength of the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 is its high-end construction. Made with a carbon fiber frame, the racket guarantees durability. The surfaces are a combination of carbon fiber and Graphene 360+, enhancing the strength and robustness. However, the color options are a tad limited, which may not cater to all color preferences.


To round off the analysis, the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 highlights its forte in control and comfort. Although power may not be its strongest aspect compared to other rackets, its robust construction and accommodating grip make way for a consistently pleasing performance. Thus, it's a remarkable entry into the world of padel, particularly for players who prioritize control and comfort over sheer force.

Just like any other racket, the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 can be a masterstroke or miss based on individual prerequisites. Its power might appear underwhelming for some, while beginners may find the high-end construction a bit complex to deal with. Nonetheless, for those contemplating enriching their padel proficiencies, the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 stands as a resilient and worthwhile option.

In conclusion, an optimal racket selection can be a game-changer. Therefore, consider the aforementioned aspects meticulously before making your decision. Happy Padel Playing!

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