Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022

Explore the Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 padel racket! Optimized for superior control and medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




360 - 375 gr




EVA Soft Performance


Braided Fiber Glass


Braided Fiber Glass


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Updated on 12 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022

Today I'll be giving my thoughts on the Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 racket. Geared towards intermediate-level padel players, I found that its medium-soft touch, coupled with its round shape, not only enhances control but also makes the racket incredibly forgiving on mis-hits. Here is my thorough review:


Shape and Balance

An interesting aspect of this Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 is its round shape. This shape tends to allocate the weight evenly, giving the racket a balanced feel. This feature also significantly enhances control over hits, allowing for precision shots even under pressure.


Boasting a Fiber Glass Braided frame, the racket proves to be highly reliable and resilient. It endures aggressive plays and robust hits without losing its structure, thus enhancing its durability.


The racket's grip is optimally designed for a comfortable and secure hold. The standardized size felt just right, providing a confident and full control over every swing. This controlled feeling is appreciated, especially during those long and intense matches.

Power and Control

Without a doubt, power and control are crucial in padel games. The Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 skillfully combines these aspects. With its round shape and EVA Soft Performance core, the racket offers a desirable balance of power and control, which could be a game-changer for intermediate players.


Featuring Fiber Glass Braided faces, the racket further drives up the element of control, ensuring that each shot is precise and targeted.

Comfort and Speed

Speaking of comfort, this racket is nothing short of impressive. The medium-soft touch enhances comfort during gameplay, and when paired with the round shape, this racket provides a swift response, making sure the player gets to enjoy an equal mix of speed, control, and accuracy.

Material and Durability

Constructed from Fiber Glass Braided materials for both the frame and faces, and EVA Soft Performance core, the Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 racket ensures superior longevity. These materials form a sturdy racket that withstands intense play and resists wear and tear exceptionally well.


To sum up, the Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 is a brilliant option for any intermediate player looking to step up their game. Its round shape, combined with the medium-soft touch, offers a remarkable balance of control and power.

However, keep in mind that, as with any racket, it’s important to ensure the Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 2022 aligns with your specific needs. While it offers high control and balanced power, some players might prefer different characteristics based on their playing style.

In conclusion, choosing the right racket will greatly influence your performance during games. Take your time, evaluate your needs and performance goals, and be sure to select the one best suited to you. Happy padelling!

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