Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022

Reviewing the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022, a medium-soft padel racket perfect for women in the exciting world of padel. Find out more!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




345 - 360 gr




Soft EVA Performance


Braided Fiber Glass


Braided Fiber Glass

Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022

The Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 has quickly made its name known in the world of padel racket. Seeking to provide a unique blend of maneuverability, sweet-spot accuracy, and control, this racket has a lot to offer to both experienced and intermediate players.

Shape and Balance

With a round shape, the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 assures a comfortable and intuitive play. The shape perfectly complements the racket's balance, making it a superb choice for players looking for precision in their shots.

Even Balance

The racket's evenly distributed balance enhances control and adds stability to shots, no matter how hard you hit. It vindicates why round-shaped rackets are often hailed for their ability to seamlessly blend power and control.


Comfort and Size

The grip of the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 is notably comfortable. It fits well into the palm, promoting better control and reducing exhaustion during long matches. It is ideal for those who want both comfort and command over their shots.

Power and Control


The racket provides a good blend of power and control that can help you step up your game. Its medium-soft feel coupled with a round shape promotes a fine balance between power and control, making it a dynamic weapon on the court.

Control & Touch

With its Fiber Glass Braided frame and faces combined with an EVA Soft Performance core, the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 brings a remarkable level of control and touch to your game. It keeps the ball close to the racket, allowing for precision shots.

Comfort and Speed

Ease of Use

The medium-soft feel of this racket enhances comfort during extensive play. Its rounded design, combined with its ergonomic grip, makes it enjoyable to use, adding speed and precision to your game.

Speed & Maneuverability

The Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022's unique composition makes it a swift responder on the court. The racket's medium-soft feel coupled with a comfortable grip contributes to its smooth maneuverability, helping to maximize every swing, hit or defend.

Material and Durability

Durability & Longevity

The Frame and faces of the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 are made from Fiber Glass Braided, adding to the racket's durability and ensuring a long life span even under intensive play.


To sum up, the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 might prove to be a delight for players seeking both power and control. The comfortable grip, round shape, and durable construction make it a highly appealing option for padel lovers.

However, it's always important to evaluate whether its characteristics align with your specific requirements. Depending on their personal style and experience, some players might prefer a racket with a more aggressive power orientation. Still, for those who aim for balanced performance and comfort in the game, the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 2022 could be a rewarding choice.

Remember, a racket that complements your style of play can significantly improve your performance. So, weigh these factors carefully before deciding. Enjoy your game in the exciting world of padel!

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