Head Zephyr 2022

Explore the exceptional Head Zephyr 2022 Padel Racket. With its Medium-soft feel and top-notch materials - a must-have for every player.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




335 - 355 gr




Comfort FOAM


Carbon Fiber + Graphene 360+


Carbon Fiber


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Updated on 21 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Zephyr 2022

For any padel enthusiast, finding the perfect racket is a game changer. Today, let's uncover what's in-store with the Head Zephyr 2022, a remarkable racket promising to deliver a blend of comfort and control.


Shape and Balance

For the Head Zephyr 2022, it's all in its round shape – a fascinating feature contributing to its exceptional balance. The strategic distribution of weight across the racket aids in steady swings, leading to superior accuracy.


As I gripped the racket, one thing became apparent instantly – the comfortable fit. The standard grip size enhances control while providing utmost comfort during extended matches. An essential aspect, especially when you're in for the long haul!

Power and Control

Power and control are squarely where the Head Zephyr 2022 excels. It has an incredible equilibrium between power and control, providing a superior edge to your attacking and defensive games. So, if you're seeking a game changer, this racket has got you covered.

Comfort and Speed

When we talk about an enjoyable play experience, the combination of comfort and speed is crucial. With the Head Zephyr 2022, you'll find it offers exceptional comfort due to its well-rounded design and ergonomic grip. Speed hasn't been overlooked either; thanks to its unique balance, the racket ensures swift responses with each swing.

Material and Durability

The Head Zephyr 2022 boasts of a carbon fiber frame, while the faces are made of a mix of carbon fiber and new age Graphene 360+ material. An internal Comfort FOAM core further impresses with its potential for durability. This material construction is focused on delivering higher resistance to wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the racket despite intense sessions. I must note, color variety might be limited for this version, so take your preferences into account.


After a detailed analysis, it's clear that the Head Zephyr 2022 sends out a strong signal with its blend of power, control, and overall playability. It’s specifically suited to players looking to up their game with a racket that offers comfort and versatility in spades.

Keep in mind that the Head Zephyr 2022 is just one of many fine options available. As always, choose a racket that aligns with your gameplay and physical capabilities. In case you're on the look for a blend of comfort, control and speed, certainly consider the Head Zephyr 2022. Remember, finding the right racket can truly transform your padel experience, sending you leaping towards newer victories!

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