Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus 2022

Explore the Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus 2022 Padel Racket, designed for maximum performance with medium-soft feel and cutting-edge materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




355 - 370 gr




Super Soft EVA


12K Carbon


Double tubular 80% carbon


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Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus 2022

Introducing the Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus 2022 padel racket - a high-performing player in the game that comes from a reputable brand known for their commitment to quality. If you're looking to upgrade your kit, this padel racket promises to bring a whole new level to your game. Let's deep-dive into its features to see whether it could be your next go-to racket.


Shape and Balance

The Piton Attack 12K Plus sports a round shape with a medium-soft feel, which contributes to its impressive game control. The rounded shape ensures a balanced weight distribution across the racket, offering stability during hits and keeping your shots precise.


During our trial run with the Piton Attack, the first feature that struck us was the comfortable grasp. The grip size accommodates most players and offers the potential for extended play without compromising on the level of control.

Power and Control

The Piton Attack 12K Plus doesn't compromise on power and control - two game-changing features for anyone serious about padel. The balanced blend of these two elements transforms this racket into a powerful ally on the court, motivating you to outmatch your opponents with both offensive and defensive gameplays.

Comfort and Speed

The design of the Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus not only allows for an excellent performance but also ensures a pleasurable swinging feel. Alongside the comfortable grip, its balanced weight ensures quick response, further enhancing the gameplay speed and shot precision.

Material and Durability

In terms of materials, the Piton Attack is designed to last - featuring 80% double tubular carbon for its frame, 12K Carbon faces, and Super Soft EVA for the core material. These high-quality materials promise resistance against wear and tear, longevity, and most importantly, retain the racket's performance despite vigorous play.


In summary, the Black Crown Piton Attack 12K Plus padel racket shines with its power and control capabilities, durability, and comfort. It's an excellent option for players who are serious about improving their skills.

Whether this racket suits you comes down to your personal preference and gaming style. It might be challenging for beginners due to its sophisticated control and power balance. Nonetheless, for those serious about progressing in padel, the Piton Attack 12K Plus is a worthy investment.

The right racket can significantly influence your game's overall outcome, so consider these key aspects before finalizing your choice. Best of luck in your pursuit of victory in the thrilling world of padel!

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