Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021

Find complete reviews of the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 padel racket, designed for advanced players. Get expert analysis now.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.8




355 - 370 gr




EVA Super Control


15K Carbon Fiber


Double tubular carbon fiber 80%

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Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021

Let's take an in-depth look at the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 padel racket, a robust and balanced option that promises to deliver a remarkable performance on the court. Engineered with the needs of competitive players in mind, this racket stands out due to the excellent blend of power, control, and responsiveness it offers.


Shape and Balance

In terms of shape, the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 sports a perfectly round design. This shape, coupled with the racket's impressive balance, significantly contributes to its overall control and power capabilities, simultaneously lending stability to swings and shots.


The grip of the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 impressively augments the overall user experience. The grip size does well to facilitate a comfortable hold, thereby enhancing both in-play comfort and on-court control, even during extended matches.

Power and Control

Expertly blending power and control capabilities, this racket is indeed an asset in player's arsenal. Its power-control equilibrium offers a competitive edge in both defensive and offensive plays, encouraging players to take their game up a notch.

Comfort and Response

This racket's overall comfort factor is commendable. Its ergonomic grip and well-designed structure provide for a pleasurable gaming experience, particularly during longer play sessions. The balanced nature of the racket significantly aids its swift response capacity, thereby enhancing speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces Material

The Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 racket is constructed using a dual tube of 80% carbon fiber for its frame, providing it with remarkable robustness. Its faces, made from 15k carbon fiber, serve to further bolster its durability and resilience against wear and tear, thereby extending the racket's longevity significantly.

Core Material

Housing an EVA Super Control core, this racket offers a medium level of feel, enabling a blend of power, comfort, and control. This significantly contributes to the user's ease of maneuverability on the court.


To conclude our review, the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K 2021 is a robust, high-performing racket suited for players eager to step up their performance. Its comfortable grip, superior materials, and balanced power and control make it a viable option for competitive play.

However, every player’s needs are unique, and it's important to consider how it aligns with yours. Therefore, weigh your options carefully before deciding. May your choice lead you to greater victories in the thrilling world of padel!

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