Enebe Supra Carbon 2021

Play to win with the tear-shaped Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 Padel racket. Designed with Carbono 3K materials for unrivalled power and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




360 - 375 gr




EVA HR3 Soft Black


3K Carbon


3K Carbon

Enebe Supra Carbon 2021

Introducing the Enebe Supra Carbon 2021, a padel racket designed to cater to the needs of both intermediate and advanced players. Its high-quality materials, combined with a sleek design and an optimal balance between power and control, make it a padel racket worth considering.


Shape and Balance

Possessing a tear shape, the Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 ensures a satisfactory distribution of weight and contributes to its dependable power and control. The even weight spread helps maintain a sense of stability during fast-paced swings, largely enhancing shot precision.


From my personal experience, the grip of this racket feels comfortable in the hand. It is a standard fit, ensuring both comfort and control throughout long-winded games. This aspect greatly contributes to maintaining a consistently high level of playability.

Power and Control

Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 showcases outstanding performance in terms of power and control. The excellent balance it provides on the court lends a hand to both attacking and defensive plays, delivering a significant edge to any player wielding it.

Comfort is Key

The Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 ensures comfort in play, which is no trivial matter on the court. The ergonomic design coupled with the well-rounded grip only enhances the experience during extensive games. Needless to say, it is a swift and responsive racket, lending an effective combination of speed and precision to those who favor such qualities.

Materials and Durability

The Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 is designed with a distinct combination of materials. The frame and faces are crafted with Carbono 3K, ensuring robustness. The core is made of EVA HR3 Soft Black, providing a soft yet sturdy playing experience. These elements promise high durability and resistance to wear and tear, maintaining the racket’s longevity in the face of rigorous play.

It is worth acknowledging, however, that the aesthetic options for this racket could be more varied. This might not appeal to players who prioritize racket appearance.


To sum up, the Enebe Supra Carbon 2021 is an impressive option for players who prefer a harmonious blend of power and control. Its excellent grip, high durability, and comfortable design make it not just a playing tool, but a worthy companion on the court.

Still, as always, it is essential to consider whether these features align with your personal preferences and playing style. Remember that selecting the right racket can profoundly impact your performance during the game. As such, consider these facets thoroughly before deciding, and pave the path towards your own exciting journey in the world of padel. Good luck!

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