Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021

In-depth review of Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 paddle racket, made from Carbono 3K frame & faces, and EVA HR3 Soft Black core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




360 - 375 gr




EVA HR3 Soft Black


3K Carbon


3K Carbon

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Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021

Exploring the padel racket landscape, there are certain brands that consistently thrive in terms of quality and performance. One such brand is Enebe, renowned for their high-quality, player-friendly designs. Within their engine, the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 has stood out, proving to be a powerful asset in the hands of intermediate and advanced padel players. Let's delve into the features of this racket and observe what makes it such an impressive tool on the court.


Shape and Balance

The Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 has a tear shape, an attribute that makes it a balanced tool in terms of power and control. The distribution of the racket’s weight centres it perfectly, facilitating powerful swings without compromising precision.


Navigating long sessions on the court, one factor of primary importance is the racket's grip. The command and comfort that the Aerox Carbon 2021 offers is remarkable, providing a firm and secure hold, which enables sustained playability over prolonged durations.

Power and Control

Power and control, the pillars of any racket game, are where the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 truly shines. It is versatile in its striking capabilities, aiding players in their offense as well as defence, and allows for a more strategic gameplay.

Comfort and Speed

Behind every great shot is an untroubled hand. The Aerox Carbon 2021 excels in comfort, its ergonomic grip and design promoting extensive usage without causing strain. This brilliant racket design also aids the dynamic response speed, adding an extra layer of precision to every shot.

Material and Durability

When it comes to the construction of the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021, the selection of materials is top-notch. The frame and faces are made of 3K Carbon while the core consists of EVA HR3 Soft Black, all known for their sturdy nature. This combination results in a racket that offers long term durability even under wear and tear conditions.


After my time with the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 racket, it is clear that it holds the potential to be a rewarding investment for both intermediate and advanced level players. With its brilliant balance of power and control, excellent grip, deft maneuverability, and superior construction, it's a reliable companion on the padel court.

However, no racket is a one-size-fits-all. While its versatility and high performance make it a compelling choice, remember that the final decision should rely on your personal preference and playing style. So, whether you're looking to make an aggressive advance or work on your strategic defense, the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2021 presents an excellent option to consider for your next padel racket.

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