Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021

Experience high-quality play with the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 Padel Racket. Perfect balance between control, power and comfort.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




365 gr




Power FOAM


Graphene 360


Graphene 360


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Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021

Taking the padel world by storm, the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 is a high-performance racket that embodies a perfect blend of style, strength, and high serviceability. As a seasoned player who understands the need for a dependable racket in every game, I took it upon myself to give this racket a try and provide a comprehensive review to help fellow padel enthusiasts learn more about this impressive piece of equipment.

Shape and Balance

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 presents a tear-shaped design, a choice factor responsible for its power and control balance. This particular shape grants the player with an added sense of security and self-assurance during swings, increasing precision and productivity on the court.


The tear-shaped design, coupled with the innate balance of this racket, offers stability and enhances the feel during gameplay. This careful balance design increases the ease of maneuverability and shot accuracy, making it an absolute joy to use in the court.


One of the noticeable features of the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 is its compact and secure grip. The perfect fit embraces your hand nicely, providing comfort while offering improved control on the court. The tacky feel of the grip also reduces slippage during sweaty, intense match-ups, ensuring superb playing sessions.

Power and Control

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021, true to its name, doesn't compromise on power. With its graphene 360 frame and faces, it promises to deliver great power in your smashes without compromising your control over shot places.

Accuracy and Precision

The medium feel of this racket pairs well with its inherent design for accuracy. Despite its focus on power, it remarkably maintains a high degree of precision - a factor that lends its favor among many padel players.

Material and Durability

When it comes to materials used, the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 boasts a Graphene 360 construct both in its frame and faces, ensuring supreme durability. The core made of Power Foam adds to its rigidity and long-lasting nature, ensuring that the racket stands up to the demands of rigorous play.

Structure Quality

Giving credit where it's due, the brand has done an excellent job ensuring this racket withstands the trials of time. The combination of Graphene 360 and Power Foam evidently adds to the structural soundness of the racket, amplifying its lifespan and thus providing great value for money.


To wrap things up, the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 serves as an impressive manifestation of Head's commitment to providing high-grade, professional padel equipment. Its unique design and superb features make it a worthy pick for anyone looking to take their padel game to another level.

As always, it is essential to remember that the ideal racket varies from one player to another. What works perfectly well for me might not be the best fit for you. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion 2021 against your own playing style and preferences before making a purchase. Happy playing!

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