Siux Fenix 12K

Get control & power on the court with the 2021 Siux Fenix 12K padel racket. Detailed review of its features, weight & materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr






Carbon 12K


Bitubular Carbon

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Siux Fenix 12K

In the captivating world of padel, a racket's performance can dramatically influence your gameplay. After rigorous testing sessions, I've become well-acquainted with the Siux Fenix 12K, a racket that perfectly amalgamates innovation and cutting-edge technology. Let's delve deeper into its characteristics and performance.


Shape and Balance

The Siux Fenix 12K sports a tear-shaped design ensuring an excellent balance between power and control. This shape is a well-rounded option providing a larger sweet spot, allowing for a forgiving and accurate swing.

Design and Feel

With an intricately designed medium-soft feel, this racket cushions the impact, subsequently reducing chances of injuries, whilst maintaining an efficient energy transfer. This is a perfect choice for anyone seeking an agile, yet stable racket.


The Siux Fenix 12K was distinctly impressive in terms of grip. It provides a comfortable hold ensuring augmented control over shots, effectively transforming a extensively lengthy game into a seemingly effortless experience.

Balance and Comfort

The excellent distribution of weight in this racket facilitates a highly comfortable maneuver, instilling an indispensable sense of confidence during intense matches.

Power and Control

The power and control offered by the Siux Fenix 12K are noteworthy. It's equipped to meet an elevated standard of aggressive game style while ensuring a remarkable level of shot precision.

Accuracy and Control

In regards to shot exactness, this Siux model scores big. The control is superior, enabling players to place the ball with precision, even under pressure in difficult positions.

Power Performance

The performance power of this racket doesn’t disappoint. The racket dishes out powerful strokes without compromising on accuracy - an essential attribute in every high-performance match.

Comfort and Speed

The Siux Fenix 12K guarantees optimum comfort, thanks to its seamless design. Responsiveness facilitated by the racket's balance allows for lightning-fast returns, making it a game-changer on the padel court.

Material and Durability

Distinguished by its bitubular carbon frame, 12K Carbon faces, and a soft EVA core, the Siux Fenix 12K is designed to withstand the rigors of the sport. The carbon frame lends it superior strength, while the EVA core ensures a softer touch and enhanced response.

Frame and Durability

The carbon frame of the Siux Fenix 12K endows it with extended durability, making it a reliable choice for passionate players. The combination of materials used in this racket ensures it withstands pressure while maintaining playability.

Faces and Response

The use of 12K Carbon on the faces of the Siux racket guarantees a remarkable level of feedback while the EVA core caters to a softer touch and absorbing impact, improving overall response time.


To wrap up, the Siux Fenix 12K emerges as an incredible option for padel enthusiasts seeking power, control, and comfort in a single package. However, aligning its features with your playing style and needs is crucial before making any decisions.

Wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing design, this racket holds the potential to redefine your performance on the court. Whether you are fine-tuning your shots, or gearing up for competitive gameplay, this racket is worth considering. Just ensure it aligns with your specific needs and playing style. The search for the right racket can be a voyage, and the Siux Fenix 12K just might be the vessel you need for your padel journey.

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