Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black

Experience power and control with the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black Padel Racket, laden with carbon-24K faces & an EVA soft EHR core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




355 - 375 gr






24K Carbon + graphene


Bitubular Carbon/Kevlar

Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black

In the versatile and competitive world of padel, one name that frequently catches the attention of avid players is the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black. Crafted meticulously by the renowned Siux, this racket is a power-packed and performance-oriented gear that impressively simulates precision, comfort and durability on the court. Touted particularly for its medium feel, this model provides a fantastic balance between punchy power and control stability, enhancing the overall playability for the players.


Shape and Balance

Sporting a unique and sophisticated tear shape, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black beautifully complements the needs of a player seeking both control and power. This dynamic shape not only enhances the expansive sweet spot but also ensures an even distribution of weight. It offers stability during swings, facilitating remarkable precision and accuracy of shots.


Personally, I was quite drawn to the sturdy yet comfortable grip this racket features. The well-designed grip provides excellent control, especially during long duration matches, which is a significant aspect contributing to the overall playability. A snug fit indeed, you can rest assured of a comfortable and precise game while you maneuver your swings!

Power and Control

Where the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black truly stands out is in the perfect equilibrium it maintains between power and control. The fusion of an advanced Bitubular Carbono/Kevlar frame, with faces made of 24K Carbon wrapped around Grafeno and a core curated from Soft EVA EHR, delivers the right combination of punch and stability. This combination is a game-changer allowing players to enhance their attacking plays while maintaining a strong defense.

Comfort and Feel

When it comes to comfort, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black doesn't disappoint. Its well-rounded design paired up with the ergonomic grip offers a fun-filled yet efficient maneuvering experience, even during extended periods of play. The medium feel of the racket ensures a swift response, contributing to the balance of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

The synergy of superior construction materials such as the Bitubular Carbono/Kevlar frame, 24k Carbon faces combined with Grafeno, and a Soft EVA EHR core makes the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black both robust and resilient. These materials provide a high degree of resistance to constant wear and tear from intense play, ensuring the racket's longevity.

On a side note, the sleek all-black design indeed gives the racket a stylish aesthetic, albeit a touch limiting for players seeking color variations.


In sum, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black is a fantastic choice for players seeking a balance of control, power, and durability. Be it a robust build, a stylish design, comfort, or a potent performance, this racket scores well on all fronts. It effectively helps you elevate your game and turn the tide in your favor!

Players must, however, align their specific game needs with the characteristics of the racket. For example, the medium feel might take some getting used to for beginners or those with a lighter touch. Yet, those on the lookout for a performance boost in their padel journey will find the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Black an investment that truly pays off.

We all know the adage - "The right gear can elevate your performance" - and this racket certainly exemplifies it. Choose wisely and let the ideal racket be your trusted partner in the thrilling world of padel!

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