Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K

Experience top-tier padel performance with the 2021 Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K. Equipped with Bitubular Carbono frame and EVA soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.3




355 - 375 gr






1K Carbon + graphene


Bitubular Carbon

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Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K

Introducing Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K, a racket that is garnering attention in the world of padel. An exquisite blend of innovation and performance, this racket is definitely one to consider if you’re looking for an upgrade. It is designed to offer a stellar experience to both beginners and expertise level players.


Shape and Balance

Sporting a Tear shape, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K, optimizes balance to deliver an impressive performance in both power and control. The weight distribution along the structure of the racket balances flawlessly, offering stability and precision in every swing.


The grip of the Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K doesn't disappoint either. The grip, calibrated to perfection, ensures a comfortable squeeze during those tensed matches, assisting control while not compromising comfort. This racket's playability over long hours definitely leaves a significant mark.

Power and Control

The arena where Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K truly breaks the ground is in its power and control dynamics. A favorite among players, it promises a fine balance where their offensive agility complements the defensive stability flawlessly.

Comfort and Speed

In aspects of comfort, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K stands tall. Its engineered design along with an ergonomic grip ensures a pleasurable experience during long hours of play. Furthermore, the balance aids in a swift response, ensuring precision and speed in tandem.

Material and Durability

When it comes to durability, Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K reigns supreme with its Bitubular Carbon frame and Carbon 1K + graphene faces. This ingenious combination guarantees resistance to wear and tear, thus ensuring longevity even during intense play. The EVA Soft EHR core lays the ground for medium feel, a perfect fit for leisure and competitive play alike.


In summary, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K emerges as a strong contender for passionate padel players eyeing an upgrade. It beautifully marries power with control, comfort with durability, promising an enjoyable padel experience. However, like all equipment choices, it’s critical to assess if its features align with your specific needs on the court.

With its stellar attributes, Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K advocates for a step up in your padel journey. A right choice in racket can indeed steer your performance on the court and with Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K, you’re likely on the winning side! Dive into the thrilling world of padel with this top-notch racket.

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