Siux Spartan Luxury

Get the full review details about Siux Spartan Luxury Padel Racket - a blend of Carbono 24K and Black EVA Soft for medium feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




355 - 375 gr




Black Soft EVA


24K Carbon, Graphene


Bitubular Carbon

Siux Spartan Luxury

As an avid padel player and racket dilemma solver, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test and review the Siux Spartan Luxury. Like a true Spartan, this racket grants a powerful performance on the padel court worth marveling at. Offering an outstanding combination of strength and precision, the Siux Spartan Luxury marks itself as a promising contender in the market.


The Siux Spartan Luxury padel racket showcases a wonderful medley of well-thought-out design aspects. The splendid fusion of Bitubular Carbono frame and Carbono 24K, Grafeno faces strikes the perfect balance between power, control, and rebound. Let's delve deeper into what this encompasses:

Design and Feel

The Tear shape of the Siux Spartan Luxury contributes significantly to its overall performance. Aptly named as its design resembles a teardrop, this shape is the epitome of control and power balance. It not only aids in high-intensity shots, but also allows for superior control on the court.

When it comes to feel, this racket lies in the perfect medium range, a stunning compromise between soft and hard. This, in turn, allows the Siux Spartan Luxury to deliver executed accuracy with a poised strike.

Grip and Maneuverability

The grip of the Siux Spartan Luxury left quite an impression on me. It fittingly facilitates both comfort and control during intense matches, making it a player's delight. This excellent grip coupled with its remarkable maneuverability allows you to keep your game's momentum going.

Control and Power

Like a well-rehearsed symphony, the control and power of the Siux Spartan Luxury complement each other brilliantly. Thanks to its extraordinary control and substantial power, you can easily make your opponents sweat out. Sculpted to perfection, this racket truly shines in both attacking and defensive plays.

Material and Durability

Built with premium materials like the Bitubular Carbono frame coupled with Carbono 24K and Graphene faces, and a Black EVA Soft core, the Siux Spartan Luxury stands as a testament to durability. The strong composition ensures that this racket will stand the test of time, providing an extended lifespan even under rigorous use.


In conclusion, the Siux Spartan Luxury is an excellent option for those seeking both power and control in their padel game. Its superior rebound characteristics, optimal control and power, and exceptional durability make it a worthy addition to any player's gear collection.

However, it is always crucial to remember that different players have different preferences and needs. If your gameplay aligns with the virtues of this Spartan, it will undoubtedly help you reign supreme on the padel court. After all, it's all about partnership - between you, and the right racket. So choose wisely and elevate your game with the Siux Spartan Luxury.

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