Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver

Explore the 2021 Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver padel racket featuring a bitubular carbon/kevlar frame and carbon 24K + graphene faces.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




355 - 375 gr






24K Carbon + graphene


Bitubular Carbon/Kevlar

Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver

In the bustling world of padel rackets, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver stands out as a remarkable choice for enthusiasts looking to invest in quality equipment. Impeccably designed by the renowned brand, Siux, the racket will undeniably add a touch of class and capability to your gameplay.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver significantly enhances its overall performance. Contributing to the strong execution in each swing, the even balance across the racket makes for an efficient and impactful play.


During my test runs with this racket, the grip left quite an enduring impression. Just at the right size, it provided noteworthy stability and a feeling of ease, making for an excellent match play.

Power and Control

The Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver is a notable standout when it comes to striking a healthy balance between power and control. Its supple response aids in successful attacking maneuvers, while its resolute control sets the stage for a commendable defensive play.

Comfort and Speed

Recalling the experience, the comfort level of the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver is rather high. The pleasingly ergonomic design combined with the proficient balance culminates in rapid reflexes and precision in each swing, making it a reliable partner on the court.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces

Constructed using a blend of Bitubular Carbono/Kevlar for the frame and Carbono 24K and graphene for the faces, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver is hardwearing and reliable. These materials promise an increased resistance to wear and tear, posing as a durable choice for regular and intense play sessions.


Furthermore, the EVA Soft EHR core offers an excellent rebound. It enhances the finesse and quality of shots without compromising on the racket's longevity.


In conclusion, the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver, with its practical designs and hard-hitting performance on the court, is an exceptional option for padel fans on the search for quality gear. It offers an enticing blend of power and control, along with comfort and blistering speed.

However, keep in mind that this is a higher-end racket and might be a bit tricky for beginners to manage. It's essential to gauge whether this racket aligns with your needs before investing.

Choosing the right racket is a significant step toward a thrilling padel performance. Consider your options wisely and embark on an exciting padel venture with the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver!

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