Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition

Reviewing the 2021 Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition padel racket, Highlighting its Medium-Soft feel and Round shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




355 - 375 gr






24K Carbon


Bitubular Carbon

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Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition

The Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition is a gem that stands out in the 2021 collection. Designed for the high-level player, this racket provides an impressive level of control while maintaining a good degree of power.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition significantly contributes to its remarkable level of control. Even balance across the racket ensures stability, allowing better precision on each hit.

Grip and Feel

In my hands, this racket really stole the show. Its fantastic grip was comfortable on the palm, allowing me to maintain excellent control throughout each match. When striking the ball, there's a satisfying medium-soft feel, indicative of the EVA Soft EHR core, which allows for cleaner hits and superior control.

Power and Control

Striking a balance between power and control, the Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition performed quite well on all fronts. Whether I pushed the offensive with high energy slams or needed precision to respond to aggressive shots, this racket didn't disappoint.

Speed and Maneuverability

What caught my attention about the Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition was its impressive maneuverability. The racket was responsive and quick, allowing me to keep up the pace in rapid exchanges on the court.

Materials and Durability


Constructed with a bitubular carbon frame and 24K carbon faces, this Siux model offers a fantastic blend of durability and performance. The bitubular carbon frame ensures strength and longevity, while the 24k carbon faces provide a solid hitting surface for high-impact gameplay.


In terms of durability, the Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition rises to the challenge. The combination of high-quality construction materials makes it capable of enduring intense padel matches without sacrificing performance.


In conclusion, the Siux Trilogy Control Especial Edition is a top-quality padel racket that offers excellent gameplay for intermediate to advanced players. Its balance between power and control, coupled with comfortable grip and notable durability, makes it an ideal choice for high-level players seeking to elevate their game.

However, don't forget to factor in your personal play style and needs when considering this racket. While it's an outstanding piece of equipment packed with superior features, it's crucial to make sure it aligns with your gameplay requirements. On your journey through the beautiful world of padel, remember: the right racket can make all the difference. Happy playing!

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