Black Crown Snake 2022

Review of the Black Crown Snake 2022 Padel Racket. Detailed insight into its features, materials, and all-round performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




355 - 370 gr




Mid Soft EVA


3K Carbon


Double tubular 80% carbon


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Updated on 22 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Black Crown Snake 2022

Introducing the Black Crown Snake 2022, a racket taking the padel world by storm. This racket is well-crafted to meet the needs of both casual and competitive players alike. With careful attention to design and material choice, it raises the bar for padel racket standards.


The Black Crown Snake 2022 showcases a blend of impressive playability and comfort, making it a joy to use.

Shape and Balance

The round shape is the bread and butter of the Black Crown Snake 2022, contributing to its steady control and decent power. The balance of the racket is middle-ranged, offering a good mix of control and power.


On handling the racket, the very first aspect that caught our attention was its unrivaled comfortable grip. This means you can enjoy extended matches without worrying about any significant discomfort.

Power and Control

Control is a standout feature of the Black Crown Snake 2022. The round shape and balanced design of the racket enhance precision, which is something that control-oriented players will appreciate. Power-wise, the racket may appear somewhat modest, but it's enough to drive you through an aggressive game if necessary.

Comfort and Speed

The Black Crown Snake 2022 doesn't compromise on comfort and speed. In spite of its sturdy build, it still maintains a high level of maneuverability and speed, especially during close-net plays and matches requiring quick responses.

Material and Durability

The Black Crown Snake 2022 is built with durability in mind. Featuring a double tubular 80% carbon frame, 3K Carbon faces, and a mid-soft EVA core, this tennis racket is designed to last without giving in to extensive wear and tear.


To sum up, the Black Crown Snake 2022 offers a balanced playing experience without compromising on style or durability. This racket is suitable for players who want decent power while maintaining high control and durability, making it a notable investment in your padel gameplay.

While some players might prefer a racket that leans more towards power, the Black Crown Snake 2022 still proves its worth with a well-rounded combination of speed, comfort, control, and durability that is hard to overlook. Ultimately, the perfect racket is the one that meets your gaming style and preferences, and the Black Crown Snake 2022 may just be exactly what you are looking for. Happy playing!

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