Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024

Elevate your game with the Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024. Perfect blend of power & control for the attacking player.

By Jorge Masta

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Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024

When I first got my hands on the Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024, I was intrigued by its design and eager to see how it would handle on the court. Known for its robust construction and a preference for aggressive play, I anticipated an engaging experience. To my delight, it did not disappoint.


Shape and Balance

Diamond Shape and High Balance

The diamond shape and high balance of the Indiga Power naturally cater to a power-driven style of play. The racket's design leans towards head weight which, when I tested it, translated into more powerful shots. The centre of mass being further from the handle helps generate additional force in the swing, something that aggressive players would greatly appreciate.


Ergonomic Grip with GRIP ZONE

The grip on the Indiga Power feels comfortable and allows for an optimal holding position. With the inclusion of the GRIP ZONE, I found it easy to maintain the ideal preparatory stance – arms close to the body and the racket head held high. This facilitated quicker reactions and smoother transitions between shots.

Power and Control

Medium-Soft Feel for Balanced Performance

For a racket that's built for power, the Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024 still offers commendable control, thanks in part to its medium-soft feel. Striking a balance between a hard-hitting impact and the ability to place the ball accurately was a key asset during my playtests.

Comfort and Speed

Impact on Playability and Response Time

I was pleasantly surprised by the racket's comfort – paramount for players during longer matches. The medium-soft feel ensured that it was forgiving on the arms, and the SoftEVA core material bolstered rebound capabilities, enhancing speed and facilitating a quick response on fast-paced shots.

Material and Durability

Construction and Core Material

The Indiga Power 2024 boasts a frame made of Polyglass, along with faces constructed from the same material. Combined, these provide a robust build quality that can withstand regular use. The SoftEVA core material contributes not only to the comfortable feel but the responsive touch too, ensuring that each strike is solid and satisfying.

Polyglass for Frame and Faces

Polyglass offers a noteworthy middle ground between the rigidity of carbon and the flexibility of fiberglass, affording the racket a trustworthy level of durability without overly compromising on power or control.


In summing up my experience with the Bullpadel Indiga Power 2024, it has proven to be a well-crafted racket that caters to those seeking to dominate the court with power without forgoing the finesse of control. The combination of an ergonomic grip, balanced weight distribution, and responsive materials create a racket that's both a pleasure to play with and formidable in offense.

Ideal for players who have an attacking flair and wish to push their gameplay to new heights, the Indiga Power could prove an excellent addition to their arsenal. Its blend of power, comfort, and durability forms a racket that's well-suited to enthusiastic players looking to make a strong impact in their games. Whether you're smashing volleys or executing precise lobs, this racket offers the tools to do so with confidence and authority.

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