Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022

Explore the 2022 Bullpadel Indiga PWR. Made with carbon fiber and Polyglass materials. Ideal for medium-soft game feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.5




360 - 370 gr




Soft EVA




Carbon fiber


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Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022

In the realm of padel rackets, the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 radiates a unique blend of control and power fit for those ever crucial matches. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, this racket does not only ensure stellar performance but also boasts a durable lifespan.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 plays a key role in its performance on the court. This particular structure directs the balance towards the head of the racket, offering a compelling mix of precision and power, enabling the player to strike confidently.


A standout feature of the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 is the grip. Designed for all hand sizes, it provides a comfortable yet secure grasp, which gives an added advantage during long-lasting matches whilst affording seamless control.

Power and Control

The Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 truly emanates an impressive display of power and control. Its properties of balance and grip complement each other harmoniously, amplifying both offensive and defensive stances. The result is a racket well suited for advancing your technical skills on the court.

Comfort and Speed

The Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 excels in terms of comfort, ensuring an enjoyable match experience. The intended ergonomic design coupled with the even distribution of weight allows for swift responses without compromising on precision and accuracy.

Material and Durability


The frame of the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 is constructed from carbon fiber which is renowned for its strong and flexible attributes. This material ensures a high resilience to the typical wear and tear, elongating the life of the racket.


The faces of this racket are designed with Polyglass, enhancing the rebound capacity, further escalating the overall power.


Completing the ensemble is the EVA Soft core of the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 which ensures a medium-soft feel, extending the sweet spot and providing a better response for off-center hits.


In conclusion, the Bullpadel Indiga PWR 2022 is a wonderful selection for padel players who are looking to intensify their game. This racket exhibits a superb amalgamation of power, control, and comfort, embodied in a sturdy yet flexible knockout combo of materials.

However, it's wise to bear in mind that its specific features, particularly the diamond shape and balance, may require a certain level of skill to handle effectively. This makes it ideal for intermediate players or beginners who are willing to push their boundaries.

Remember, the perfect racket can significantly enhance your performance, so consider these factors carefully when making your choice. Here's to your victories in the exhilarating world of padel!

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