Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack 2024

Unleash power on the court with the Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack 2024 padel racket for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




365 - 385 gr






24K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack 2024

In the ever-evolving world of padel, the quest for the perfect racket can be quite the journey. My latest test drive on the court was with the Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack 2024, a model that promises a significant edge to the attacking player with its well-crafted design and high-quality materials. As someone who has been around the game for some time, this is my comprehensive take on this particular piece of equipment.


Shape and Balance

Diamond Shape

With its diamond shape, the Canyon Pro Attack leans toward a head-heavy balance, which is fantastic for delivering that extra oomph behind each stroke. This shape also means that the racket encourages an aggressive playstyle, which many offensive players will appreciate.


The balance does require a bit of adjustment if you're coming from a more evenly weighted racket, but once acclimated, you'll feel the added power in overhead shots and smashes. Admittedly, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for those who play a more defensive game or prefer a racket that lends itself to quick reactions and agile movements.


Ergonomic Feel

During several long-lasting matches, what stood out was the comfort of the grip. The Canyon Pro Attack’s hold felt natural and allowed for a secure connection with the racket, which is paramount when precision is needed to dominate the point.

Power and Control

Power at the Ready

The true prowess of the Canyon Pro Attack shines in its power delivery. Accompanied by a medium-hard feel, each shot packs a punch that can make your opponent scramble. It enables seasoned players to manipulate the point, setting the pace and dictating the game.

Controlled Strikes

Despite its bias towards power, control is not left by the wayside. The racket provides a commendable amount of dexterity in placement, particularly when driving volleys and bandejas down the line. Initiating lobs and setting up for a point-winning chiquita was a delight, highlighting the racket's ability to mix finesse with force.


Quick Adjustments

While the racket is geared towards power, its maneuverability does not take a significant hit. Swift changes in direction and responses to sudden attacks at the net were more than manageable, yet it might not be the first choice for those who thrive on rapid playstyles.

Material and Durability


The Canyon Pro Attack 2024 is built with a carbon fiber frame and 24K carbon fiber faces, showcasing the brand's commitment to providing durable and resilient equipment. This choice in materials not only adds to the racket’s longevity but also contributes to a consistent playing experience over time.


In the heart lies an EVA Pro core, which harmoniously complements the carbon surfaces to deliver a responsive hit. This combination assures that the racket retains its shape and effectiveness through a myriad of intense matches.


In wrapping up this assessment, it’s clear that the Drop Shot Canyon Pro Attack 2024 is crafted for the player who isn't afraid to be on the front foot, dictating play through precise yet powerful strokes. The combination of a diamond shape and potent materials make for a formidable piece of equipment on the court.

While it may take a bit of getting used to for those accustomed to more balanced rackets, once mastered, it can significantly elevate your offensive game. For the padel players who aspire to be the aggressor during their rallies, this racket is designed with your playing style in mind. It’s a padel racket that embodies the blend of precision and power necessary to overcome any opponent.

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