Siux Fenix Pro 4

Discover the Siux Fenix Pro 4, a high-performance padel racket for advanced players seeking power and precision.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




355 - 375 gr




EVA Hard


18K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Siux Fenix Pro 4

In my hands-on experience with various padel rackets, I've found that the right piece of equipment can significantly enhance your gameplay. Today, I'm here to share my insights on the Siux Fenix Pro 4, a racket that's piqued my interest and is likely to attract the attention of many padel enthusiasts. This high-end racket promises a blend of features aiming to satisfy even the most demanding players on the court. Let's dive into the specifics of what makes this racket special.


Shape and Balance

The Siux Fenix Pro 4 sports a diamond shape, which is geared towards players who thrive on offensive play and are looking for added power in their shots. The balance of this racket leans towards the head, which is characteristic of diamond-shaped rackets, providing that extra punch when hitting smashes or volleys with force.

Feel and Handling

Once you grip the Siux Fenix Pro 4, you'll notice the medium-hard feel it provides. This can be attributed to the EVA Hard core, which strikes a nice balance between power and forgiveness on off-center shots. The sensation during ball strikes is crisp and responsive, allowing for a good degree of feedback without sacrificing too much on comfort.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

The maneuverability of the Siux Fenix Pro 4 may take some getting used to. The diamond shape and head-heavy balance mean it won't be as agile as other rackets; however, for players accustomed to this kind of setup, it provides sufficient agility for quick reactions at the net. Furthermore, the well-defined sweet spot is located at the top of the racket, synergizing with the diamond shape to maximize power output.

Material and Durability

One aspect where the Siux Fenix Pro 4 truly stands out is in its construction materials. The carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber 18K faces speak volumes about its durability and the quality of its build. These materials are known for their stiffness and strength, which not only enhance the racket's durability but also add to the power you can generate on the court.


Overall, the Siux Fenix Pro 4 is a formidable padel racket that should undoubtedly be on the radar for advanced players seeking to dominate with powerful shots. Its construction is top-notch, designed to endure the rigors of intense play sessions, and its performance characteristics cater to an aggressive playing style.

While it may pose a challenge to players who prefer a more control-oriented game, or to those who are still developing their skills, seasoned players will appreciate the power and precision that this racket can bring to their game. It's a strong choice for anyone looking to make a serious impact and push their limits on the padel court. As with any equipment selection, personal preference and playstyle are key considerations, but for the right player, the Siux Fenix Pro 4 is quite the powerhouse to wield.

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