Drop Shot Delta 3.0

Review of the 2023 Drop Shot Delta 3.0 Padel Racket with Medium-Soft feel, Carbono 3K 3D faces and EVA Soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




350 - 375 gr




Soft EVA


3K Carbon + 3D



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Updated on 11 Apr (shipping cost not calculated)

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Drop Shot Delta 3.0

The Drop Shot Delta 3.0 is a padel racket that deserves its moment in the spotlight. It's engineered to deliver superior performance on the court, and my first-hand experience using this racket was truly impressive. It's loaded with features that cater ideally to intermediate players and beyond, establishing a perfect blend of power, control and comfort.


Shape and Balance

The Drop Shot Delta 3.0 opts for a round shape, which is one of the factors contributing to its excellent control. This shape, coupled with a relatively even balance, allows for a great deal of stability during shots and enhances precision.


Just like any good padel racket, the Drop Shot Delta 3.0 offers a grip that feels natural and comfortable. It fits snugly into the hand, providing a degree of control that is sure to give players an edge during challenging matches.

Power and Control

The control aspect of the Drop Shot Delta 3.0 is where it truly stands apart. This racket provides a fantastic level of control on the ball, all the while delivering enough power to keep the game fast-paced. Whether you are executing difficult shots or protecting your area of the court, this racket can handle it all with finesse.

Comfort and Speed

Based on a personal trial, I found that the Drop Shot Delta 3.0 is truly a comfortable racket to play with. This is further augmented by fair maneuverability that the racket offers. It makes for swift responses on the court, contributing to an excellent game speed.

Material and Durability

The Drop Shot Delta 3.0 is made with high-quality materials that add to its lifespan. The frame and faces are made from Carbono, which translates to Carbon in English, known for its exceptional durability. The EVA Soft core makes it less prone to damage, while ensuring a soft feel to the touch which enhances its usability.


To sum up, the Drop Shot Delta 3.0 offers a rewarding playing experience across the board. It excels in control while maintaining a respectable level of power, balanced with comfort and maneuverability. Durability can be expected due to the high-quality materials used.

As always, understanding the unique needs of your game should guide your choice of racket. The Drop Shot Delta 3.0, with its superlative control and solid build, can truly enhance your padel game, but the final decision should always rest on personal comfort and style. Here's hoping you find the right fit on your path to padel mastery!

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