Drop Shot Legend 4.0

Explore the 2023 Drop Shot Legend 4.0 padel racket with carbon frame and faces. Ideal for excellent control and maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




350 - 375 gr






24K Carbon + 3D



Drop Shot Legend 4.0

The Drop Shot Legend 4.0 is an incredible piece of equipment that signals exceptional performance on the padel court. Crafted with precision, this racket is a testament to Drop Shot's dedication to creating exemplary products for padel enthusiasts and professionals alike. Every aspect of the Drop Shot Legend 4.0 radiates excellence, providing an exquisite blend of control, maneuverability, and power.


Shape and Balance

With its round shape, the Drop Shot Legend 4.0 is designed to deliver a superior balance between control and power. This extremely balanced design ensures stability during gameplay for maximizing your shot precision.

Control and Power

The Drop Shot Legend 4.0 showcases immense prowess when it comes to control and power ratios. Offering a subtle yet substantial blend, this racket stands as an ideal choice for those who thrive at controlling their game while not compromising on power and speed.


Few rackets can match the Drop Shot Legend 4.0's impressive maneuverability. One can easily shift from intense power shots to feather-light touches, making it an extremely adaptable companion on the padel court.


A highlight of the Drop Shot Legend 4.0 is its comfortable grip size. The grip offers a snug fit, ensuring optimum comfort and control during gameplay. It provides players with the confidence to engage in lengthy matches without experiencing grip-related fatigue.

Materials and Durability

Built with a carbon frame and carbon 24K + 3D faces, this racket promises notable durability and resilience in challenging play situations. The EVA Pro core fortifies the racket, enhancing its solidity while ensuring a longer lifespan against wear and tear.


The carbon frame of the Legend 4.0 guarantees resistance against impacts, extending the racket's lifespan. This robustness translates into a responsive feel on the court, optimizing your playing experience profoundly.


Constructed with Carbon 24K + 3D faces, the racket exudes elite quality and durability. This construction provides a burst of power during gameplay and contributes significantly to the overall solid feel of the racket.


With an EVA Pro core, the Legend 4.0 ensures maximum comfort during gameplay. This inserts a sense of playing easiness, making the racket an accommodating ally even during high-stress moments on the court.


With the Drop Shot Legend 4.0, you can elevate your padel game to new heights. This powerful, balanced, and durable racket aligns your specific needs and ensures dominating performances on the court. While its round shape and balanced design may require some getting used to, it ultimately rewards players with unparalleled control, power, and maneuverability. The Drop Shot Legend 4.0 truly lives up to its legends, making it a wise investment for any seasoned padel player. Padel enthusiasts, prepare to be amazed!

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