Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023

Experience superior control with the 2023 Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario racquet built with high-density polyethylene and fiberglass.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




360 - 380 gr




High-density Polyethylene





Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023

In our quest to highlight great padel rackets that enhance your game, we explored the Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023, a masterpiece by Royal Padel. Here's what we found.


Shape and Balance

Sporting a tear shape, the Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023 offers a good balance of power and control. The blend of these elements, influenced by the shape, makes it well-suited for versatility on the court.


The face and frame of this racket are crafted from fiberglass, known for its sturdiness without added weight, contributing to a smooth playing experience. In the core, high-density polyethylene is used, renowned for its resilience and ability to withstand high-pressure situations.

Feel and Playability

With a medium-soft feel, the racket blends the right aspects of responsiveness and control. The feel caters to different play styles, from offensive attackers to defensive control players.

Power and Control

Without giving specific ratings, we can confidently say that the Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023 excelled in delivering a good deal of power and superior control. This blend of power and control adds up to make it a reliable ally on the court.

Comfort, Speed, and Maneuverability

One aspect that stood out during our testing was the racket's superb comfort. Ample maneuverability was also apparent during gameplay, with the equipment moving smoothly in all directions. The speed it provides, coupled with its comfort and maneuverability, presents a promising package for long, intense games.


Given its fiberglass construction and high-density polyethylene core, this racket promises a high degree of durability, resisting wear and tear even after long periods of high-intensity play.


After thorough testing, we can say the Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023 is an impressive racket brimming with features. With its fantastic blend of power and control, combined with comfort and excellent maneuverability, it promises to be a valuable addition to any player's kit.

Bear in mind to consider your individual needs and playing style when choosing a racket. What may be suitable for one might not be for another, but for those desiring to elevate their game with a versatile and durable racket, the Royal Padel RP 33 Aniversario 2023 could be just the ticket.

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