Drop Shot Doppel

Review of the 2022 Drop Shot Doppel padel racket. Discover its carbon frame, carbon 3K face and EVA Soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




350 - 375 gr




Soft EVA


3K Carbon



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Drop Shot Doppel

There are moments in the world of padel when a racket catches your eye, not just for its aesthetics but also for its performance. The Drop Shot Doppel is one such racket. Crafted by renowned brand Drop Shot, the Doppel model stands out with its superior build quality and fine-tuned playing characteristics that are guaranteed to push your padel game to new heights.


Shape and Balance

Firstly, the Doppel is a round-shaped racket, which usually indicates a focus on control. This shape ensures an even balance across the racket, allowing for a stable feel and precise shot placement on the court.

Grip and Feel

When it comes to grip, it's accommodating to different hand sizes and provides a great deal of comfort during play. The feel of the Doppel is described as medium-soft, essentially serving as a balance between providing a decent level of power while still maintaining control. This makes hits off the racket feel responsive and intuitive.

Power and Control

Evaluating the Drop Shot Doppel from a power and control point of view, the racket definitely shines. It brings together power and control elements really well, enabling player to adapt to different scenarios on the court. Whether you're defending or attacking, the racket has just enough flexibility to handle both.

Rebound and Maneuverability

Moving on to rebound and maneuverability, the Doppel seemed to perform better than expected. The racket's superior rebound quality maximizes the punch of each shot, while still maintaining great maneuverability, thereby enabling a quick response time to swift shots.

Material and Durability

Manufactured with a Carbon frame and Carbon 3K faces, the Doppel boasts about its durability. The Carbon build ensures strong resistance against wear and tear, which is an essential feature for a racket that needs to withstand rigorous and frequent games. The core of the racket is constructed with EVA Soft, which complements the hard-wearing outer layer by providing a soft yet firm center, ensuring great shot absorption.


To sum it up, the Drop Shot Doppel is an impressive piece on the padel court. Its durable construction, combined with its round shape for control and balance, makes it an incredibly adaptive racket for a wide range of players. It's indeed worth considering if you're contemplating purchasing a new racket.

It's always vital to remember that a racket choice should align with your playing style and goals. Try to visualize your game with this racket - its precision control, balanced power, and superior rebound might be the deciding factor to elevate your padel game. Your next move on the court might just be your best one yet with the Drop Shot Doppel.

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