Drop Shot Kibo 4.0

Explore the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 Padel Racket with a medium-soft feel, round shape, and constructed with premium materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




350 - 375 gr









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Drop Shot Kibo 4.0

In the world of padel and, specifically in the arena of rackets, the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 delivers an experience that is nothing short of exceptional. Specifically designed for a balanced playing style, this racket implements the perfect ratio of power, control, and overall maneuverability, guaranteeing a stalwart ally on the court for all padel enthusiasts.


Shape and Balance

When it comes to shape, the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 holds a unique position in the world of padel rackets. It comes with a round shape that has been meticulously designed to offer a balance of sturdy control and ample reach. This ensures confident shots and a steady grasp on the court dynamics.

Control and Power

The innovative round shape plays quite a pivotal role in keeping up an uncompromising control while maintaining an adequate power balance. With a medium-soft feel, the racket bends the curve for a fitting grip that ensures steady, controlled swings, forming an unfailing trust between the player and the court.


The grip of the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 enables players to achieve a snug and responsive contact with the racket. The standard-size grip is a comfortable fit that ensures superior control throughout those lengthy, intense matches. It significantly enhances playability over extended periods of play.

Material and Durability

Crafted with intent and expertise, the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 exudes durability. The frame is built from carbon, promising lasting strength. The faces of the racket are made of fiberglass, which lends an attractive counterbalance of firmness and compression. Inside, the core of EVA Pro material provides a pleasant playing experience with reinforced endurance.

Fiberglass Faces

The fiberglass faces of the racket contribute towards an excellent rebound capability and sweet spot. It strikes a comfortable balance between stiffness and flexibility, which provides players with a robust yet pleasant interaction with the ball.

Carbon Frame

The carbon frame ensures a high durability and resistance. This ensures the racket remains contoured and robust, making rapid, controlled swings second nature to the player.


To encapsulate, the Drop Shot Kibo 4.0 racket is the epitome of balance and control combined with a touch of power. Its unique round shape, comfortable grip, medium-soft feel, and durable material construct, make it a worthy partner on the court. While it may require some skill to fully leverage its potential, it’s a high-quality racket that rewards those willing to put in the practice with a dependable and dynamic presence in all their matches. Remember, selecting the right racket is crucial for your performance on the court, so consider all these factors when making your decision. We wish you luck in your thrilling journey through the world of padel!

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