Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0

Experience professional-level play with the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 padel racket. Crafted with Cubicarbon material for superior control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




350 - 375 gr




Soft EVA


Cubicarbon + LCP + 3D Face



Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0

The Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 is a racket that effortlessly blends modern design with robust functionality, delivering an exceptional playing experience. As a product from the renowned brand Drop Shot, it's equipped with features specifically tailored for avid Padel enthusiasts, providing a unique balance of maneuverability, power and control.


Shape and Balance

The shape of the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 is a noticeable factor contributing towards its impressive gameplay. Structured in a tear format, it offers a medium-soft feel, allowing for an enhanced level of shot precision and control.


The Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 carries its weight extremely well across the racket's entire surface, offering a sense of balance and sturdy positioning during swings.



The grip size of the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 stood out during our testing sessions. We found the size to be consistently comfortable and snug, providing not only enhanced feel but also a superior level of control during long matches, eliminating any chance of discomfort or slippage.

Power and Control

Where the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 really sets the bar high is in terms of power and control. This racket an excellent power-control equilibrium. Which is guaranteed to enhance your game, this outstanding balance of power and control gives intermediate players the opportunity to elevate their game in both defensive and offensive plays.

Comfort and Speed

In the arena of comfort, the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 certainly does not disappoint. Thanks to its smoothly rounded shape, the racket promises a comfortable grip. This racket's optimal weight distribution contributes towards its swift response, providing an excellent mix of speed and precision on your shots while reducing the chances of fatigue or discomfort during prolonged games.

Material and Durability

The Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 boasts a carbon frame construction, combined with faces made of Cubicarbon, LCP, and 3D Face materials. This leads to phenomenal wear and tear resistance, standing up well to repeated, intense use. This sturdy construction surely ensures the longevity of the racket.

Core Material

The core of the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 is crafted with EVA Soft, a trusted material renowned for its high shock-absorbing properties, increasing comfort and performance on the court.


As we conclude this review, it's clear that the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 2.0 presents itself as a strong contender for any intermediate Padel players looking to level up their game in terms of power and precision. In addition to its comfortable grip, durable construction, and superior speed, the racket certainly offers every feature needed for a memorable playing experience.

While we believe that this racket brings much value to the table, we always advocate for carefully considering whether its features align with your individual needs and playing style before making a purchase. Padel is an exciting game, and the right racket can certainly enhance your performance, so make your choice wisely.

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