Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021

The Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 Padel Racket excels with its Graphite frame and EVA ultra soft core. Designed for a medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.1




360 - 375 gr




EVA Ultra Soft





Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021

The Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 offers padel players a blend of technical proficiency, solid power, and precise control harmoniously integrated into a single racket. Ideal for intermediate players, this racket stands out for its reliable performance and enhanced longevity.


Shape and Balance

Boasting a tear shape, the Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 confers excellent power and control balance. The even weight distribution enhances stability, empowering players to aim their shots with greater precision.


The grip of this racket snugly fits the hand, making it both comfortable and controllable during exhaustive matches. This feature contributes towards greater playability, allowing players to maintain their performance over longer durations.

Material & Build Quality

Featuring a Graphite frame and faces combined with an EVA Ultra Soft core, the make of the Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 stands for robustness and resilience. The choice of materials ensures the racket endures extensive usage while maintaining its performance.


The EVA Ultra Soft core of the racket plays a vital role in its state-of-the-art design. This soft core material cushions each swing, reduces vibration, and increases absorption upon impact, making every hit feel more controlled and less strenuous.

Frame and Faces

The Graphite frame of the racket significantly amplifies its durability. The faces, too, are made of Graphite, ensuring prolonged resilience against wear and tear.

Power and Control

The compelling power-control balance of the Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 bears testimony to its smart engineering. It offers players substantial assistance in versatile game scenarios, both defensive and offensive.

Comfort and Response

This racket is all about user comfort, with the soft core material and balanced design lending to an overall pleasant experience. It is agile, responding quickly to fast-paced games, and offers a perfect mix of speed and precision.


On the whole, the Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 serves as an excellent investment for intermediate padel players wishing to enhance their court skills. Its sturdy build, enhanced power and control, and comfy grip make it a solid choice for an all-round performance.

It is crucial to remember that this racket's qualities should align with your individual needs before you make a purchase decision. While the Dunlop Boost Power 2.0 2021 is engineered for comfort and optimum performance, some players may require a bit of time to adapt to its design. But once mastered, this racket can indeed transform your padel game experience for the better. Let the right racket be your winning partner on the court!

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