Softee Ranger Green

The 2021 Softee Ranger Green padel racket offers balanced medium-soft feel, crafted from 100% Fibra de Vidrio for perfect control and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.3




355 - 375 gr




EVA Soft S3


100% Fiberglass


100% Fiberglass

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Softee Ranger Green

Unveiling the Softee Ranger Green, a testament to Softee's innovation and commitment to paddle racket sports. This medium-soft feel and diamond-shaped racket embodies its design aspiration – bridging the gap between power and control whilst celebrating player comfort in every swing.


The Softee Ranger Green brings to the court a unique fusion of responsiveness and durability. It’s a well-rounded racket able to meet a variety of playstyles, truly living up to the spirit of its brand.

Shape and Power Distribution

The diamond shape of the Softee Ranger Green is a key player in the racket's even power distribution. This design empowers players with precision and consistency, encouraging them to make powerful shots with confidence.

Grip and Control

What stands out about the Softee Ranger Green during gameplay is the maneuverability the grip offers. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, contributing to increased control over the racket – a feature much appreciated during high-stakes matches.

Power and Balance

In terms of power and control, the Softee Ranger Green demonstrates a spectacular balance. Whether it's an offensive or a defensive play, this racket manages to deliver, thus providing an edge to the player on the court. This equilibrium elevates the gameplay experience, making it a preferred companion for many padel enthusiasts.

Comfort and Speed

When talking about comfort and speed, one can't overlook the medium-soft feel of the Softee Ranger Green. Paired with a balanced swing weight, the racket caters to both elements, providing players a swift yet comfortable gameplay experience.

Material and Durability

Making its mark with impressive construction, the Softee Ranger Green sports a 100% Fiberglass frame and faces, with an EVA Soft S3 core. This combination ensures the racket durability against wear and tear, especially during intense play. The use of these high-grade materials reflect Softee's commitment to product durability and satisfaction.


Summing up, the Softee Ranger Green is a worthy contender for anyone looking to amplify their padel game. Its perfect blend of power and control, along with an exceptional grip and comfort, make it a reliable choice in the race of top-tier padel rackets.

As always, the most compatible racket is dependent on your personal gameplay style and comfort. So, while the Softee Ranger Green might be the ideal companion for seasoned players, it could be overwhelming for beginners. However, for those willing to get acquainted with this performer, it could very well be the stepping stone to your next level in the padel world. Make sure to weigh in these aspects before making a choice. Happy playing!

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