Softee Ranger Gold

Discover the Softee Ranger Gold padel racket. Perfectly balanced with a diamond shape and a medium-soft feel. Made from 100% fibre glass.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.7




355 - 375 gr




EVA Soft S3


100% Fiberglass


100% Fiberglass

Softee Ranger Gold

The Softee Ranger Gold padel racket is a hard-hitter in the Softee fleet and a blazing example of a racket designed for serious players. Its unique strategic design and cutting-edge technology boost its performance a notch higher, securing the trust of intermediate and higher-level players on the court.


This ergonomic, diamond-shaped racket offers a commanding performance, enhancing both the offensive and defensive play styles. The impeccable application of the latest technology lets the Softee Ranger Gold effortlessly adapt to any game situation, ensuring a stellar gaming experience.

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of Softee Ranger Gold contributes significantly to its excellent balance. It extends a more strike-focused weight distribution, leading to better power shots. The shape also enables the players to have an aggressive approach during the game while maintaining a comfortable grip.


The grip of this racket is comfortable and manageable, thanks to the 100% Fibra de Vidrio frame material used. This provides an impeccable balance between control and power, ensuring the swings are not hindered, making the soft EVA S3 material excellent for swift action while maintaining impressively heightened control.

Power and Control

Perhaps the most crucial aspect being catered to by the Softee Ranger Gold's design is the harmony between control and power. The structural attributes of the racket closely align with the game's requirements when it comes to executing powerful shots while maintaining an assertive control during the game.

Comfort and Speed

The ergonomics of the Softee Ranger Gold racket support comfort during cuts, volleys, and smashes, thereby facilitating better speed. The materials used in the frame and faces, i.e., 100% Fibra de Vidrio coupled with a Medium-Soft feel keeps comfort at the heart of the game.

Material and Durability

The use of 100% Fibra de Vidrio for both frame and faces ensures exceptional durability and longevity. The racket's impressive resistance to wear and tear, coupled with a shock-absorbing base material, guarantees a longer lifespan, affording the players with a lasting, resilient tool on the court.


Overall, the Softee Ranger Gold is an excellent padel racket choice for intermediate-level players with a focus on power and control. The balance that this racket strikes between aggressive gameplay and impressive command is enticing. While its design favors more seasoned players due to its weight and balance, that does not overshadow its suitability for players seeking a racket that might encourage growth.

Understandably, like every piece of sporting equipment, it isn't one-size-fits-all. It might not appeal to everyone, especially beginners, due to its diamond shape and design suited for power and control. But for those looking to dominate their next match with power play and deft control, the Softee Ranger Gold stands as a tough contender in your list of choices. Always remember, the right racket can significantly influence your performance, so choose wisely and play with passion!

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