Siux Radical Pro IV

Experience optimal performance with Siux Radical Pro IV. Features include a diamond shape, Medium-Soft feel, and premium Fibra de Vidrio materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.9




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA Soft


Glass Fiber


Bitubular Glass Fiber

Siux Radical Pro IV

When it comes to high performance on the padel court, the Siux Radical Pro IV is a proven performer. This racket has been specifically crafted for the discerning player who demands a blend of power, control, and playability. Let's dive into the features and benefits of this remarkable padel racket.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Siux Radical Pro IV equates to more mass located at the top of the racket. This ultimately results in improved power potential, while also offering a fair degree of control and accuracy during play.

Grip and Handling

In terms of handling, the grip of the Siux Radical Pro IV is noteworthy. The grip's size and shape promote an enhanced level of comfort and control, making it easier for players to keep their shots consistent, even during extensive gameplay sessions.

Power and Control

The Siux Radical Pro IV stands out with its balance of power and control. Its exceptional power power-control balance provides an edge enabling players to effectively harness both attack and defence manoeuvres.

Feel and Maneuverability

Boasting a medium-soft feel, the Siux Radical Pro IV offers a softer contact, thus improving user comfort. Although it may require some getting used to, the high level of playability and maneuverability of this racket can ultimately deliver a rewarding gameplay experience.

Materials and Durability

Constructed with a Bitubular Fiberglass frame and Fiberglass faces featuring Black EVA Soft core, durability is a clear strong point for the Siux Radical Pro IV. This composition ensures the racket delivers on longevity, standing up to extended play without sacrificing performance. The Fiberglass materials provide a good balance of flexibility and strength, ensuring optimum ball control and racket longevity.


In summary, the Siux Radical Pro IV stands out as a solid contender for any serious padel player. Its blend of power, control and comfort, coupled with its remarkable durability makes it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to elevate their game to the next level. The medium-soft feel of the racket offers amazing playability, while its remarkable power potential gives it a competitive edge.

Like all rackets, the Siux Radical Pro IV might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Its Diamond shape and medium-soft feel may require some adjustment for new players or those used to different racket characteristics. However, those players willing to adapt will find the Siux Radical Pro IV a reliable and rewarding tool on the padel court. Always remember, choosing the right racket can significantly impact your performance, comfort, and ultimately, your enjoyment of the game. Happy playing!

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