Drop Shot Stage Pro

Review for the 2022 Drop Shot Stage Pro, a soft-feel, tear-shaped padel racket with a carbon frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.5




350 - 375 gr




Soft EVA





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Drop Shot Stage Pro

Experience versatility and control on the court like never before with the Drop Shot Stage Pro padel racket. Designed especially for the intermediate level players, this unique racket features a blend of power, control and durability that elevates your game to new heights.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Drop Shot Stage Pro significantly contributes to its overall balance and playability. With an even distribution of weight across the racket, players can expect exceptional control and precision in every shot.


During our testing sessions, we found the grip of the Drop Shot Stage Pro to be rather comfortable. With the standard size grip, handling this racket is a breeze, and it adds an extra dimension to players' comfort during long, intense matches.

Power and Control

What stands out about the Drop Shot Stage Pro is its optimal combination of power and control. Thanks to its design and materials, this racket can deliver powerful shots without compromising the player's control over the ball.

Comfort and Speed

Apart from power and control, the Drop Shot Stage Pro also scores high when it comes to comfort and speed. Its well-rounded design paired with its balanced weight distribution makes it incredibly nimble and precise, offering an excellent balance of power, control and speed.

Material and Durability


The frame of the Drop Shot Stage Pro is constructed with carbon, adding to the overall robustness and longevity of the racket. This material is known for its superior durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in intense play.


The faces of this racket are made with fiberglass, offering excellent flexibility and durability. The utilization of such material enhances the overall performance of the racket, allowing for gameplay that is both responsive and resilient.


The core of the Drop Shot Stage Pro is constructed with soft EVA foam. This material aids greatly in providing a comfortable grip and absorbing the impact of shots, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


In conclusion, the Drop Shot Stage Pro indeed makes a compelling choice for intermediate level padel players looking to improve their gameplay. Its favorable blend of power, control, comfort and durability, all packed into a sleek design, makes it a reliable partner on the padel court.

However, as always, it is vital to consider if its features are compatible with your style of play. It is always crucial to remember – the right racket can significantly elevate your performance on the padel court. So choose wisely, and enjoy the exciting world of padel!

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