Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023

Review of the lightweight 2023 Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 padel racket. Uncover its unique Fibra de vidrio construction and comfortable feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7




360 - 375 gr




EVA Ultrasoft






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Updated on 11 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023

In the world of padel rackets, certain models stand out not just for their brand name, but also for their unique configurations. The Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023 is one such product. Designed by the well-respected brand Dunlop, this racket boasts a blend of outstanding features that contribute to an elevated playing experience.


Shape and Balance

One critical element of the Dunlop Rapid Control is its round shape. This configuration greatly influences the balance of the racket, ensuring stability during swings that subsequently translates to more accurate hits.

Feel and Sweet Spot

The soft feel of the Dunlop Rapid Control means a high-threshold for elasticity and comfort. This, combined with a generous sweet spot, allows for a forgiving yet rewarding playing experience.

Grip and Maneuverability

Just as crucial as the shape and feel of a padel racket is its grip and maneuverability. The Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023 proves to be exceptionally impressive in both these aspects. The grip is designed to accommodate the palm snugly, contributing to increased comfort and shot precision.

Control and Power

The comfort and convenience offered by the racket's grip is complemented by its standout performance in terms of control and power. The Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023 provides a balanced mix of both these crucial elements, ensuring a superior playing experience.


Rebound capability is another critical feature that contributes significantly to the racket's overall performance. Offering a strong rebound, this racket ensures each hit packs a punch.

Material and Durability

The frame and faces of the Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023 are made of fiberglass, a material known for its durability and smoothness. This contributes not only to the aesthetic appeal of the racket but also its longevity. The core comprises EVA Ultrasoft, known for its lightness and flexibility, this material enhances the soft feel of the racket while allowing for improved performance.


Drawing all the threads together, the Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023 comes across as a well-rounded padel racket, designed with the player's comfort, control, and power in mind. It presents an appealing option for players at various levels given this combination of features. However, as is always the case with sporting equipment, it's essential to consider whether its unique configuration meets your specific needs before you make a purchase. The Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 2023, with its impressive list of features, is undeniably worth considering for your padel games. Happy playing!

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