Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023

Review of the 2023 model, Nox X-One Yellow-Green padel racket. Discover medium-soft feel, round shape & premium materials used.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.4




360 - 375 gr






3K Fiber Glass


30% Carbon

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Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023

Emma Berry | Expert in tennis and padel racket reviews

As an enthusiastic player and avid fan of padel, reviewing the Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 racket was an exciting prospect for me. This intermediate-level racket produced by Nox has an impressive performance on the court and is especially tailored for those who demand a dynamic blend of control and power.


Shape and Balance

Throwing the Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 into games, the first thing I noticed was its unique round shape. Providing a balanced setup, it makes handling extremely fluid and eases player transition between defense and attack. The distribution of weight across this racket is even, as evident in its well-stabilized strikes.


Comfort and Control

Upon holding this racket, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable feel it offers. The Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 possesses a grip size that is suitable for a diverse range of hand sizes, delivering both comfort and control even during lengthy matches.

Material and Durability

Quality Builds Longevity

The Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 flaunts a superior build quality thanks to a 30% carbon frame for strength and durability. Both its faces are constructed with durable 3K Fiber Glass which amplifies its resilience against harsh playing conditions.

The EVA HR3 core provides excellent shock absorption, lessening the stress on your arms during each stroke, making it a friendly choice if you're prone to padel elbow. This combination of materials ensures the racket's longevity even amidst intense play.

Power and Control

Perfect Combination

One of the areas where the Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 shines is in the equilibrium it forms between power and control. Its overall design ensures power in your shots while maintaining control, thus making it an amiable choice for both offensive and defensive play.

Feel and Maneuverability

Medium-Soft Feel

The medium-soft feel of Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 adds to its charm. This provides excellent feedback upon ball contact and enhances control. Its well-rounded design gives it a swift response time, ensuring a good blend of speed and accuracy.


Rounding off, the Nox X-One Yellow-Green 2023 comes as a strong contender among intermediate padel rackets. With a perfect blend of power and control, comfortable grip, durability, and a balanced feel, it's hard not to recommend this racket to players looking to elevate their gameplay.

Of course, like every piece of equipment, it's essential that you find the racket fitting your specific requirements and playstyle. While its features are welcoming to a wide range of players, it may not suit everyone. Therefore, take into consideration its aspects before making a final choice. Stay confident, assertive, and aim for the ultimate side walls shot, and padel on!

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