Nox Silhouette 6 2023

Take a look at the Nox Silhouette 6 2023, a top-of-the-line padel racket with a medium-soft feel and round shape. Ideal for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6




350 - 365 gr






3K Fiber Glass


30% Carbon

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Nox Silhouette 6 2023

Step into the world of padel rackets with the remarkable Nox Silhouette 6 2023 by Nox. It's the perfect soft-medium power racket that guarantees a smooth gaming experience whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate novice.


Shape and Balance

A closer look at the Nox Silhouette 6 2023 reveals its unique round shape. This shape, supplemented with a generous sweet spot in the center, provides the ideal balance for a padel racket, offering you a sound sense of stability during swings.

The Grip

The grip on this racket is worth a mention as it doesn't compromise on comfort and control. From my personal experience, even during long epic battles on the court, the ability to firmly control the racket never dwindled.

Power and Control

Coming to power and control, the Nox Silhouette did not disappoint at all. This racket shines in balancing both control and power aspects. Rest assured, this racket will serve you well when you need to pull off a defensive lob, or an aggressive smash.

Rebound Quality

The rebound was on point with Nox Silhouette 6 2023, as this feature contributes positively to its overall control rating. It holds great potential for a racket player looking for precision in play rather than sheer force.

Comfort and Speed

A crucial part of any racket, for me, has to be its comfort. And, indeed, the Nox Silhouette 6 2023 makes no compromises. Its feel, perfectly coupled with the medium-soft density of the heart of the racket, ensures supreme comfort during play. The blend of comfort and speed is undeniably impressive.

Material and Durability

Onto construction, the 30% Carbon frame complements the Fiber Glass 3K faces rather well, resulting in a well-rounded and solid racket structure. The EVA HR3 core's soft nature assists in maintaining low vibrational feedback, while also enhancing the overall lifespan of the racket.


So, diving right into the takeaway of this review, the Nox Silhouette 6 2023 is a fantastic padel racket. Its commendable power and control balance, along with its comfortable grip and durability, make it a worthy choice.

Nonetheless, it is an absolute necessity to ensure the racket aligns with your gameplay style and needs. For players looking for an extremely strong power-focused racket, this might not be your first choice. However, if you are someone aiming for balanced gameplay, this racket will serve you well on the court. Remember, the right tools can elevate your performance significantly. Choose wisely, and let's meet in the invigorating world of padel!

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