Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022

Review of the Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022 padel racket. Ideal for high-level gameplay with superior control and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




360 - 375 gr




EVA HR3 Soft


3K Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber

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Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022

The Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022 stands proud as an exceptional addition to Enebe's 2022 lineup of padel rackets. From power and control to durability and maneuverability, it successfully integrates high-performance characteristics offering an enriching gaming experience, particularly suited for high-level players. Here's a critical deep dive into this model's substantial features.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape demonstrates a thoughtfully considered design strategy by Enebe. It not only shapes an expansive sweet spot but primarily facilitates power while maintaining decent control. The balance also leans towards handling, preventing unwieldy manoeuvres and enabling a swift response to rivals' strikes.


Comfort and control with the grip are apparent from the first touch of the Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022. Designed for easy adaptability, its standard grip size provides a snug fit. This aids in increased racket command even during lengthy and tenacious matches.

Power and Control

The inspiring blend of power and control provided by this racket is undeniably one of its strengths. With 8 on a power scale and a slightly higher 9.1 for control, it's designed for skilled players who value potency and precision. The Fibra de carbono 3K faces contribute towards a wholesome and firm hit impact.

Responsiveness and Speed

The medium-hard feel of the Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022 reflects its optimum responsiveness. This setup facilitates fast yet powerful strikes. Combined with its impressive maneuverability, it excels in delivering strategic and sharp responses during play.

Material and Durability

The Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022 boasts robust build quality with a carbon fibre frame. This material establishes a solid racket-to-ball-connection while promising longevity. The defensive faces made from Fibra de carbono 3K further add to the racket's stiffness and durability. On the other hand, the EVA HR3 Soft core brings a soft touch to the overall medium-hard feel.


Marking a remarkable balance between powerful performance and controlled playability, the Enebe Combat Carbon 9.1 2022 stands as a commendable choice for serious padel players. While it's an ideal selection for power-seeking players, beginners might find it slightly challenging to control.

However, the high-tech build quality and durability could make it an excellent long-term investment for aspiring pros. Always consider whether its unique mix of power, command, and durability matches your playing style before making a decision. No matter what, it's the player behind the racket that makes the real impact. Good luck in finding your perfect match and conquer the court with unyielding brilliance!

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