Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022

Explore the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022, a tear-shaped padel racket boasting medium feel and carbon fiber frame

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




350 - 375 gr




EVA Hypersoft




Carbon Fiber

Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022

Breaking into the world of professional padel rackets, the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022 leaves a significant impression. Specifically tailored for skilled players, this racket provides a perfect blend of all the essential elements needed on a padel court. It delivers power, precision, and user-friendliness, paving the way for an enhanced gaming experience.


The Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022 racket elevates your gameplay with its meticulously designed features.

Shape and Balance

Designed with a tear-shape, the weight of the racket is evenly distributed. This significant aspect enables stability during your swings, leading to more precise shots, providing newfound control and power balance which can be crucial during intense matches.


Standing out with its user-friendliness, the comfortable grip size lends a tight and comfortable grip. The standard size allows enhanced control during long matches, contributing to prolonged playability.

Power and Control

Power and control stand out as the strong suits of the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022. The incredible equilibrium between these two factors transforms it into a formidable weapon on the court. This balance provides an edge to players in both defensive and attacking plays.

Comfort and Speed

When referring to comfort and speed, the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022 does not disappoint. The rounded design coupled with the ergonomic grip ensures comfortable usage for long durations. The balance of the racket also provides swift responses, merging speed and precision effectively.

Material and Durability

The substantial durability of the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022 is due to its strong materials. The carbon fibre frame, titantex faces and EVA Hypersoft core ensure great resistance to daily wear and tear. So even with regular intense usage, you can expect a long lifespan from this racket.


To conclude our review, the Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022 is a potent option for professional Padel players aiming to step up their game to the next level. Its power and control, alongside comfort and excellent durability, make it a worthy companion on the Padel court.

However, every individual has unique requirements on the court, and it's essential to keep these in mind while choosing your equipment. The Varlion Avant Carbon TI 2022, with its sophisticated design and high-level performance, offers plenty for those seeking to invest in their Padel growth and development.

Choosing the right racket has a significant impact on your performance on the court, so consider these aspects thoroughly before making your decision. Whatever your choice, here's to your exciting journey into the thrilling world of Padel!

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